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An affordable place for a fusion of Indian and Nepali cuisine.

Nepali Resto in Kotte presents a fusion of Indian and Nepali cuisine, cooked at their home kitchen. It's affordable, and the food has its moments. 

Food & Drinks

A bunch of Indian-style curries, snacks and parathas can be seen on their food menu, while the beverage side includes just one - Masala Chai (Rs. 160). We thought of kicking off our meal with that.

It's good chai. With subtle hints of kahata seeping through, it had a good amount of spices in it. The sweetness can improve a bit, but hey, we're not complaining. 

We absolutely loved the Onion Pakoras (Rs. 350 for 12). Served with Nepali-style sweet and spicy tomato chutney, these pakoras were wonderfully crispy. Perfect to go with the hot-hot Masala Chai.

This box of parthas includes two kinds of stuffed parathas - Chilli Paneer Paratha, which they serve with Chicken Korma (Rs. 690) and Chicken Keema (Rs. 270) Paratha, which you can opt for with a curry of your choice. Our pick was the Kerau Paneer Curry (Rs. 470).

Both of the parathas were slightly oily, flaky and well stuffed, but we believe that they can do better with the flavours of the stuffing. For example, the Chilli Paneer had a lot of minced paneer in it, but it didn't quite present that saucy, slightly sweet, spicy-packed flavour of the actual Chilli Paneer.
The Chicken Korma was delicious though. Incorporating the right amount of spices, tomato and herbs, it had this beautiful glossy character to it, as well as a creamy texture, and a tasty blend of sweet, spicy and sour notes. Absorbing all that flavour, there were around 6 - 7 tiny pieces of chicken.

The Chicken Keema tasted good, but didn't exactly resemble the keema flavour. It was more like a masala curry. 

The Kerau Paneer Curry (Rs. 470), ringed close to the Korma. Rich and thick in texture, it featured about 5 - 6 cubes of paneer and a lot of peas. 


If you're having a hankering for Indian food, this is a place you can get some without drilling a hole in your wallet. Simply call at 076 388 3234 for orders.


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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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Vegetarian Chicken Roti

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