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New Spicy Kottu

1b, Albert Place, Dehiwala

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New Spicy Kottu is a relative newcomer in Dehiwala that’s specialised in kottu.

New Spicy Kottu is a relative newcomer in Dehiwala that’s specialised in kottu.  Maybe because it’s the beginning of the week, or maybe because we just love food, we decided to order a kottu for an early lunch on a Monday morning through PickMe Food.


Aside from the kottu, they also have an extensive list of sides, salads and a few Chinese dishes with a Sri Lankan twist.

We were excited about diving into the Seafood Kottu (Rs. 480). To our surprise, a fried egg was sitting on top of the roti, and not mixed in. The roti pieces were quite smaller than your average kottu, which helps to blend in well with the spices.

This was nicely complemented by the prawn, cuttlefish and other seafood bits that were mixed in. The whole thing had a good spicy aroma with a bit of heat, so all in all, it was a tasteful combination of flavours. Random cumin seeds that we came across did interrupt us a bit, which is the only negativity of this plate.

Beef Kottu (Rs. 336) was a tad bit on the spicer side, sporting the same roti, fried egg and some ketchup. But we would have liked to see some spicy gravy on the side that you can pour in and spice it up more in case anyone prefers it that way. There were plenty of chewy roast beef pieces to go with every bite. While this one seemed a bit on the heavier side, we enjoyed it very much.

There was nothing so amazing about the Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 360) but it was quite delicious. The rice was cooked well, adequately seasoned and wasn’t too oily. With generous amounts of well-marinated chicken pieces, bits of carrot, leeks and egg to go around, and a bit of chilli paste on the side, this one added up to a tasteful meal.


New Spicy Kottu serves some flavoursome, quality food. Their portion size is quite adequate and the prices aren’t bad. You can, of course, choose from the long list of what they offer, drop by and enjoy a meal if you are in the area, or resort to order to your doorstep and enjoy. 

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