Noodles (Cinnamon Grand)

Cinnamon Grand Colombo, 77, Galle Road, Colombo 3

Feel like dining fancy on a budget? Noodles at Cinnamon Grand is your spot.

Noodles does cheap and tasty noodles in the Cinnamon Grand (near Cheers). It's a fun place to dine-out, though note that it does get busy. Reservations are recommended.

The Food

Dining at Noodles is a pretty simple proposition. The menu is mostly noodles, prepared in different ways. There are starters like dumplings and rolls, but the main stock in trade is noodles. What's refreshing is that everything is mostly under Rs. 1,000 and it's all pretty filling. A lot of stuff is actually around Rs. 650.

We tried the duck ramen (apologize for lack of exact pricing but we've lost the bill). This came with tender and generous pieces of duck, a hearty broth and tasty noodles and veg. The tables all have a lot of chili and soy and other dipping sauces, so you can customize your dish to your heart's content.

Another good choice was the beef egg noodles. What the food gets right is the spicy Southeast Asian flavors that Sri Lankans like. We don't know how authentic or not the offerings are, and they do jump around (Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese) but the overall taste is great, which is what matters most to us.

They even have decent desserts, something Asian food generally isn't known for. The poached pear in sake is the most enticing thing on the menu, but we wouldn't actually recommend that. The mango puree with coconut ice cream, however, is very nice.

Overall this place is a satisfying meal out because the food is flavorful, interesting to eat and quite cheap for a five-star hotel. 


Noodles is a bit hard to find, it's at the lower level of the Cinnamon Grand, near Cheers. There's sort of a second lobby there. The interior is simple but nice. The ceilings are a bit low in parts, but overall it's fine. It gets busy, this is one of the few places we've had to wait to be seated, and that was on a weekday. Reservations are recommended.


Being the Cinnamon, our service experience was quite good. They knew the menu, accommodated changes (switching a noodle type) and were generally quite nice.


Noodles hits a sweet spot in the Colombo dining scene. They do a flavorful range of (mostly) noodle-based Southeast Asian dishes, and they're quite affordable as well. It's a busy spot just a year after opening, and for good reason.


Call for reservations if you're going for dinner, since the place gets pretty packed.


Cinnamon Grand Colombo, 77, Galle Road, Colombo 3


Cinnamon Grand is between Temple Trees and Galle Face on the Galle Road. Inside, walk into the lobby, turn right, go past Coffee Stop and the shoe shine place and down the stairs. Keep going forward and it's there.



Closed right now


Asian Thai

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Noodles Beef Pork Chicken Fish Ramen