The Promenade at ODEL

5 Alexandra Place Colombo 7

Colombo's biggest department store's upscale food court area

ODEL has been undergoing some refurbishing in the last couple of months. While its interior is pretty much untouched and is still the same, it looks great on the outside.


Overall, it's a massive upgrade and quite aesthetically pleasing. There's a spacious courtyard, with foodstalls bordering it and plenty of greenery. The furnishing is tastefully done — wickerwork with glass-topped tables — and there seems to be more seating facilities. A few of the stalls are still closed, but should be open soon since the signage and hoardings were all up.

Food and Drinks

You have about nine outlets to choose from:

  1. Mabroc (bubble tea)
  2. Il Gelato
  3. Roots
  4. Mango Tree / Jack Tree
  5. Regent (rice and curry)
  6. Elephant House (sausages, not ice cream)
  7. Seafood Shack
  8. Cafe Nihonbashi
  9. Sugar Bistro

Mabroc wasn't open as yet when we dropped in, and there were a few bare carts at the entrance. I'm not entirely sure if that's ornamental, or if they'll be vendoring food soon. The place is very well kept, and the staff clears out the tables quite fast. One thing I found a bit awkward was that they clear out your table while you're still seated and haven't completely finished.

We checked out Regent and Seafood Shack. The prices are a bit on the high end — just as expensive as if you're getting food at a proper restaurant.

Regent's food layout looked great: clay pots, rice and curry, completely Sri Lankan cuisine including lotus roots which you'd be hard-pressed to find easily in Colombo. Despite being aesthetically pleasing, the food was sadly underwhelming. A generous portion beautifuly presented (and inclusive of a really nice vambatu moju), a regular rice and curry portion is Rs. 500.

From Seafood Shack, we picked the Dory Fish and Chips. The fries were chunky, crispy, and tossed in chilli. A really well made dish, the fish wasn't disappointing either; it was coated in a crisp light batter, and the fish in itself was light and succulent. My one complaint would be that for Rs. 800, you get only 3 strips of fish and the portion is rather small in that sense.

We got a Narang and Starfruit juice (Rs. 330) and an Avocado Blast (Rs. 480) from Roots to wash the food down. The drinks were good actually, much better than most of Roots' other outlets. The Avocado Blast came mixed with bananas, dates, and coconut but the avacado and banana flavours dominant.

The Naarang and Starfruit was slightly (rightfully) acidic and very refreshing. The flavours melded well together and it's a great way to beat the heat. A plus point is that none of Roots' juices are overpowered by sugar.


This is definitely one of the better foodcourts to hang around in, especially if you're looking for something outdoors and pretty to sit in while you're grabbing a quick bite.


5 Alexandra Place Colombo 7


Open until 08:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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