Oh My Cake

56, Stratford Ave, Colombo 6

One of Colombo's newest dessert bars.

Oh My Cake is an adorable, little dessert bar down Stratford Avenue right where Schakasz used to be. As the name implies, they do cakes, and a range of other desserts. Anyway, they didn't have a massive variety on the day we visited, but we were utterly satisfied with what we tried. 


The whole setting here screamed 'cute cafe straight out of a magazine'. With a bunch of cushioned seats arranged inside and outside, it's quite cosy and comfortable. It's the same seating set-up that Schakasz used to have. The colours of the interior have changed a bit. 


It was only 10.30am in the morning, so they had around four desserts on the display. We tried three of them - Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (Rs. 300), Boozy Chocolate Tart (Rs. 400) and ChocCaramel Mousse Cake (Rs. 380).

Starting with the Chocolate Biscuit Pudding. Well, you should all probably know that I'm a bit of a CBP snob. I'm not proud of it, but, the situation at hand makes it impossible for me not to say it. And, I really liked this rendition of CBP. 

Unlike the normal format, this one had only two thick layers of slightly sogged up, but still crunchy Marie biscuits, sandwiched between a layer of rich ganache and silky smooth chocolate pudding slathering in the middle. Oozing out with decedent chocolatiness, it wasn't excessively sweet - so all the sweetness it has comes from the Marie itself. Yum!

The Boozy Chocolate Tart didn't disappoint either. However, we were promised boozy, but received only a mild and a rather inconceivable dose of booze that actually doesn't stay on the tongue for very long. Its crust was buttery, just a little sweet, and tender as can be. But, a bit more of the said "booze" would have made all things right with the world. 

Tucked in between two pretty heavy slices of absolutely chocolatey brownie, the ChocoCaramel was constructed with two layers of chocolate mousse and one caramel mousse layer in the middle. Super soft and light, the texture of the mousse was just so perfect. It wasn't overly sweet, and the chocolate to caramel ratio was on point. It's a giant slice, so you might want to share it with someone (or don't, because we didn't).


They had a few options for drinks, most of them being milk based/ chocolate based drinks like Hot Chocolate and shakes. We decided to go with a Peach Iced Tea (Rs. 350) because we didn't think we could handle any more chocolate.

Sweet, icy and utterly fizzy, this was more of a peach drink than an actual iced tea. It kind of tastes like the Elephant House Peach Iced tea (Twistee). The peach syrup sort of overpowered the tea counterpart of it, but still it's a refreshing drink to cleanse your palate after gobbling down so much chocolate.  


In terms of service, there's nothing we can complain about. The staff was super nice all the way from the moment we walked in, to when we left. 


All in all, we really liked Oh My Cake. The desserts were great, the service was good and the prices were the cherry on top to a rather ace experience. We recommend it. 


Get the ChocCaramel Mousse Cake.


56, Stratford Ave, Colombo 6


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