ON14 (OZO Colombo)

OZO Colombo Rooftop, 36-38, Clifford Place, Colombo 04

Perched on top of the OZO Colombo is the equally swanky ON14 Rooftop Lounge & Bar. Pool bar by day and lounge bar by night, ON14 is one of the highest spots for a drink in the city.

A city hotel with a popular bar, OZO and its rooftop remain popular a couple years on after their opening. 


ON14's lofty position as Colombo's tallest rooftop bar was usurped by Cloud Red (26th floor as opposed to 14th), but its view is still one of the best in the city. The bar offers unhindered sights of the horizon, charming aerial views of the shoreline, and a vantage look at the coastal railcars trundling along. 

There's also a pretty substantial indoor section (and upstairs too, but we've never seen that used), which is mainly used to house a DJ playing slick tunes. It's usually contemporary light house/ pop which does well to blend into the tropical vibe.

The infinity pool is a nice touch, but is only open to in-house guests. It is opened out for pool parties and private functions though!

The crowd is pretty varied. You'll often find a strange mix of Indian men taking selfies, lobster pink Europeans sipping on Lion (well, now Tiger given the Great Lion Beer shortage of 2016), and locals hitting up the sunset happy hour for post-work drinks. 

Drinks & Dining

Their drinks are consistently good, throughout all of our experiences. The espresso martini was great, as it was during our first review, but not too difficult to execute.

We also tried a couple of their happy hour drinks (on a one for one basis, at Rs. 850 a pop).

The Aracku Aracku is my favourite so far, a frothy combination of local arrack, apple, and pineapple. It's light, refreshing, and goes down very easy. 

We also tried The Pearl of Sri Lanka, which featured some Earl Grey and citrus along with arrack. Sounds like an unlikely combination, but again it was lovely. The tea taste isn't too overpowering either, which is great. 

If you're heading here for drinks, we'd suggest sticking to the happy hour cocktails. A bottle of Corona goes at about Rs. 750++ which is pretty steep (and not worth it). 

As for the food, they appear to have mastered the semi-complicated bar snack. We've tried their Chicken Drumsticks, which were slathered in BBQ sauce but not entirely easy to eat (bones, sauce, drama).

We also tried the batter fried prawns with some light soya/ teriyaki sauce. It was blissfully shell-free, came with a very delicate and crispy batter, and plenty of fresh prawns. Overall, a sound dish and would have been worth it at Rs. 1300 if the quantity was more.


The service has always been a bit of a hit and miss here. While the actual cocktail-making is great, it's sometimes taken more than 15 minutes for a drink to reach the table, and quite a while to get the waitstaff's attention. This could be attributed to how dark it can get outside with only table lights, but still. 


What you're really paying for here is the spectacular view. The service, like the crowd, is a bit of a mixed bag, but we've found their cocktails to be consistently great, and the food well done. Overall, you're still looking at one of the best sunset spots in Colombo. 


Head over to ON14 early to enjoy an unhindered view of the sunset over the Indian Ocean.


OZO Colombo Rooftop, 36-38, Clifford Place, Colombo 04


OZO Colombo is in the Bambalapitiya portion of Marine Drive. From Galle Road, turn off onto Clifford Place on the seaside right after the Chariot but before Bambalapitiya Flats. From Marine Drive, drive past Holy Family Convent if you’re coming from Colpetty and keep an eye out for OZO on the left hand side. Clifford Place is the lane after Frankfurt Place.


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