One Seven One

171, Old Kottawa Road, Nawinna Maharagama

One Seven One is a well known restaurant in Maharagama for quality pastries, and rooftop dining.

Established in 1954, One Seven One is a popular spot in Maharagama that's always buzzing with people. They're a sister restaurant to Lounge 171 and One Seven One Pastry Shop. We dropped in for an early lunch. 


Let's start with the Caesar Salad (Rs. 450), shall we? 

Okay, I have a strange love for croutons (please don't judge), and the croutons here were not a disappointment. Crunchy, and buttery with a hint of garlic in it, we liked them. I know, I know, it's a piece of bread, but a really good one at that. 

The chicken here was seasoned really well but the lettuce was a tad too wet, to the point that it made the croutons soggy. One thing for sure though, they were not stingy with parmesan. Now for the Chicken Lasagna (Rs. 900). Sitting on a pool of pretty dreary white sauce, it reminded me of the Chicken lasagna at Cafe on the 5th. There was a pretty generous amount of cheese on the top, and underneath, it was all minced chicken and tomato puree, tucked in between the neatly arranged pasta sheets. However, making this one a tad taller would be much, much appreciated and would make more worthy in terms of money tbh.

And then we came to the Thai Chicken Satay (Rs. 850). I'm gonna start with the prawn cracker because that's generally the first thing we eat when faced with a choice such as this. It was crunchy and super oily. The chicken was tender and well seasoned, with enough spice to get you going, while the rice was fluffy and accompanied with a truckload of bell pepper.

Unfortunately, this dish was served cold. It was filling and worthy for the price, but serving it when it's warmer could have helped out.


They have a whole range of drinks from mojito and fruit juice to coffee (Lavazza) and milkshakes. We went at around midday and with the heat, we couldn't bear to look at the hot side of things. Therefore, we ordered the Iced Mocha (Rs. 320) and the Brownie Blast (Rs. 400). 

*Pictured above - Brownie Blast (left), Iced Mocha (right)

The Iced Mocha was basically just watered down iced coffee with a chocolate drip on the side. And I'm sorry for having to say this, but we really didn't like it. 

The Brownie Blast was extremely filling. I'm still drinking it. That's how big it was. There wasn't much chocolate but the last part of the drink had a ton of brownie pieces get mixed into the drink, so you can enjoy this nutty, chocolatey indulgence that would make you so, so happy.

The Service and Ambience

In terms of ambience, One Seven One reminds me of every other family restaurant in the suburbs. Except for the fact that they have 3 separate sections in the building, but there's nothing exceptional about it.

It's been around one year since we did our first review on One Seven One, but the service hasn't been improved a bit. Our food took around 30 minutes to arrive, and even then, they were not served warm. The staff wasn't very welcoming or inviting either.


Overall, One Seven One is quite alright. It's a family-friendly place and it's popular amongst the people who live around, and to drop in if you find yourself hungry in Maharagama area.