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Oshella is a home cook who specializes in chocolatey desserts. Literally everything we tried was excellent, but her eclairs in particular were the best we've had in Colombo.

Oshella won our hearts years ago, simply by crafting up some excellent chocolaty treats. In fact, their eclairs are one of the best we've had in the city, even to this day. 
They have introduced a couple more items to the menu now, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to try them out again. 

The Food

For a whopping Rs. 886, the Prawn Yellow Rice was served with the helpings of prawn curry, brinjal moju, tempered potatoes, chutney and papadum. A classic combination of elements and flavours.

Cooked with a good dose of spices, herbs, and a splash of coconut milk, the prawns were quite tasty. The tempered potatoes were soft and featured a sprinkle of chilli flakes. Those two alone elevates the dish very nicely.

We weren't too happy about the brinjal moju. It didn't quite contribute the sweet kick that we were looking for. But thankfully, the chutney managed to sort it out, by being a sweet and tangy delight.

For another hefty Rs. 858, we got this Chicken Nasi Lemak. It was an assortment of milk-infused rice, a big piece of curried up chicken, peanut & sprats, a few slices of cucumber and a bullseye egg.

The rice was a happy medium between fluffy and milky. We liked the chicken too. Laced with a subtle sweetness, it had a nice curry touch.

What pulled everything together was the peanut & sprats ensemble. Slightly crunchy in texture, it was tangy, salty with a tinge of sweetness. 

Oshella offers a pack of 2 eclairs for Rs. 699 and we're glad that they still have the same excellent quality. Coated with some rich, glossy chocolate sauce, the choux pastry was wonderfully soft and had a creamy pastry cream filling.

There are a few more good eclairs in the city now, like the one we tasted from Spice Market and Snooky Cakes, but we still hold Oshella close to our hearts.


Once again, Oshella managed to treat us to a delicious meal. They have some good lunch/dinner treats, and the eclairs are good as ever. However, they're quite pricy. 

If you wish to order up some of these goodies, DM them on Instagram. They deliver through PickMe Food too. 


The eclairs are a must-try





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