Ovinmee Restaurant

7 Gemunu Mawatha, Moratuwa

A resto in Ratmalana that does good Sri Lankanised Chinese food.

Ovinmee Family Restaurant is located down the Bourpana Road, and since Buddhika had good things to say about their food, we made ourselves there, hoping to grab some good Sri Lankanised Chinese.


You have the option to choose from a range of fried rice, and vegetable and meat dishes to pair them with - chicken, prawn, and also seafood. They have noodles, pasta, soups as well as biriyani and ghee rice. Their vegetarian options are clearly marked on the menu which we appreciated. 

Coming in first is the Hot Butter Cuttlefish (Rs. 480) - a decently sized dish for the price comprised of golden, battered up pieces of cuttlefish alongside, onion, curry leaves and dried chilli. The batter itself was a tad thick, oily and adequately spiced up with a dusting of chilli. It was a pleasure to bite into them with the slight crunch and the munch on that chewy, plumpy cuttlefish inside. 

Our Chop-Suey (Rs. 350) was a colourfully sauteed veggies sporting carrot, green beans, bok choy, spinach, baby corn and mushroom. All the veggies were cooked evenly, with mushroom being chewy, with a hint of sourness and baby corn being crunchy with a bit of salty flavour. Both carrot and green beans gave a proper texture to the bite while bok choy and spinach were equally good. 

The Chilli Chicken (Rs. 550), with its sauce, had an apparent sweetness hiding loads of heat underneath that would hit properly as you keep eating. The chicken itself was a tad firm on the outside, and less so on the inside and fell apart without much effort.

It was marinated well and had soused up the flavours of the sweet chilli sauce while retaining a good amount of chicken flavour. There were loads of chilli flakes swimming at the bottom, and the onion, capsicum and spring onion added to the texture of the dish. After inquiring about the portion size and the waiter taking a look at us, he recommended the large portion of the Indonesian Style Mixed Rice (Rs. 800). The portion size can accommodate three people easily as we feel.

The rice itself was well cooked, fluffy and not too oily or salty but wasn’t as spicy nor did it have any sweetness to it.

It was plentiful with pieces of fish, and some of them sadly tasted like dried ones. The pinky, plumpy prawn pieces tasted good, alongside slices of sausages while the bits of cuttlefish lacked any flavour to speak of.

You can easily eat this by itself as my lunch partner exclaimed, but they can further improve it with a little tweak. 

Ambience & Service 

It's a part of a three-storied building, and the restaurant lies on the first floor. The entrance is not readily apparent unless you are looking for it since there’s a shop at the ground level as well. 

The place can hold about twenty-five or so people without being cramped up, but we wish the tables were less wobbly. 

Anyway, it was a clean space and we didn’t have any issues with the ordering and the staff, and the food came to us without much delay too.


Ovinmee does a delicious take on the Sri Lankanised Chinese food and we enjoyed it. They are decent when it comes to price so, if you are nearby looking for a place to dine in, or getting food delivered they are a good option.


Try Special Rice or Noodles