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Paan Paan (Dehiwela)

92 Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Paan Paan is now at Dehiwela!

The new Paan Paan outlet at Dehiwela is a cosy little place that provides to its customers an array of items. Paan Paan has established for itself a solid name, and we decided to check out their newest outlet at Dehiwela. 

Food & Drinks

The Chicken Submarine, at a time offer, cost Rs. 500. Filled to the brim with chunky pieces of chicken, onions and an assortment of items the filling was brilliant. The bun in itself, unfortunately, felt a bit limp. Had it been a little crispier, we felt that we would have enjoyed it a bit more. 

The Beef Cheese Melt was easily one of the best items on the menu. Crispy, warm and oozing with cheese, it was quite satisfying. We would've liked it to be much meatier, but it did perfectly. 

The eclairs (Rs. 100) were slightly hard and dry, and there wasn't much cream, but perhaps this was because of the fact that we went in the evening.

The Mini Hot Dog (Rs. 80) too followed suit. Although the sausage was quite big and juicy, the bun was slightly hard and dry.

Nandi's Milk Toffee was one of the best items on the menu. The perfect amount of sweetness, crisp surface and nuts infused into it, and a texture that kept the entire thing together, and one that wasn't hard at the same time, it was simply marvellous!

The Hot Chocolate (Rs. 80) tasted a bit like a warmer Milo, and didn't encompass the chocolate flavour. If you're looking for something solid, you would be disappointed. 

The Ice Milo by Paan Paan (Rs. 160) was slightly better than the Hot Chocolate since it properly encompassed the flavour of the Milo, and was chilled to the right amount.

Service and Ambience

The staff were quite friendly and accommodating, and it didn't take long for them to prepare the items like the Cheese Melt and the Chicken Submarine. 

There were a few tables at the other end of the restaurant, a quaint little area, which is pleasant for the purpose of having a quick bite.


Paan Paan is quite solid for a quick bite and will definitely cater to quenching your cravings. Being a bakery, they've made sure to cover all of the bases, but a few changes, perhaps to the storage system and in the preparation of some of the foods like the submarine, will be quite welcome.

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