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Panini Picasso

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A home-cook specialised in panini.

Panini Picasso doesn't leave a much to the imagination. They do paninis, but we wouldn't necessarily call them the Picassos in the scene. Here's why.

The Paninis

The Why So Serious (Rs. 550) is their take on Nutella & Strawberry. While it had an abundance of Nutella, we hardly got any strawberries. There was a teeny tiny tang swirling through, which was the only thing that supported the existence of the strawberry counterpart. 

The bread was generic, not the panini bread, but was toasted to give that wonderful crispy edge.
We expected the Red Hot Chilli Panini (Rs. 475) to be a fiery and piping hot, mainly because of the kochchi infusion they promise on the menu. Unfortunately, our expectations didn't meet. Generously stuffed with chicken, mayo and capsicum, there was no trace of kochchi in this panini. The overall flavour was a combination of smoky, meaty, and mildly spicy.

The Lord Of The Fries (Rs. 450) is an assortment of three of our favourite things - French fries, bacon and cheese! We loved it. Dusted with salt, the fries were perfectly crispy, had a hearty middle and featured a good amount of bacon, chopped up spring onions and stringy mozzarella.

How To Order

The ordering process is pretty smooth and quick. You can contact them via their social media platforms, which you will find at the bottom of this review, or through WhatsApp - 0767674550. They're based in Kalubowila, and the delivery to us (Nugegoda) was only Rs. 100. 


Their paninis are filling, all thanks to the generous stuffing, but it would be even better if they can include every element that they promise in the menu, so they can deliver better quality and flavour. 



Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Bready Sandwiches

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