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PappaRich (The Grove)

289 High Level Rd, Nugegoda

PappaRich has a branch at The Grove.

We are still working from home, and yet we were excited to hear the good news about PappaRich's newest branch at The Grove - the restaurant collection in Nugegoda. Located within walking distance to our office, they have taken the space where Java Lounge used to occupy. 


At this PappaRich, you won't get to taste the whole giant menu as you do at their other branches, but only a few highlights, and no drinks. You can always pick another restaurant at The Grove to get the drinks; we got ours from the Bibo's Cafe. They also have BYOB. 

We started off with the Chicken Satay (Rs. 1045 for 6). Succulent and nicely grilled, they went well with the excellently prepared peanut sauce. 

What drew us most to the Beef Char Kway Teow (Rs. 1320) was the strong breath of the wok it had. Not only did it create an irresistible aroma, but it also enriched its flavour with a good dose of smokiness. From well-cooked noodles to veggies to chewy beef, everything on this plate was packed with sweet, salty and umami flavours. 

The Curried Chicken Nasi Lemak (Rs. 1650) had its moments. It was an assortment of rice, a hefty piece of curried up chicken, sambal prawns, homemade sambal, cucumber slices, a boiled egg halve and a serving of fried peanuts and sprats. 

On the good side, the rice was done well with a hint of coconut milk, the prawn sambal was sweet and spicy, while the homemade sambal had a wonderful sweet kick to it. The chicken, however, was only mildly flavoured. Incredibly soft in texture, it didn't seem to have absorbed the spices in the curry, which made it taste quite bland.

Roti Canai With Curry Sauce (Rs. 550) also comes with a helping of dal curry and homemade sambal. The roti was warm and crispy, and the accompaniments were all about the balance of flavour - a milky note from dal, a swirl of sweetness from sambal, and a lot of curry and heat from curry sauce. 

Ambience & Service

This branch of PappaRich has an ambience blended with nature, all thanks to Grove's amazing setting. It's calm, peaceful and beautiful. The service was quick and helpful. 


PappaRich at The Grove gives you the opportunity to taste some quality Malaysian/South East Asian fare in the vicinity of Nugegoda. The prices are a little higher than before, but they offer good portions. 

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