Paradise Road Cafe

213, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7

Paradise Road Cafe is one of our favourite haunts, cocooned in a small, white, quiet space atop a lovely store full of antiques and art. The food and coffee are very good, and it's an excellent book nook.

Paradise Road Cafe is one of our favourite haunts - it's a wonderful white, quiet space tucked inside a store of antiques, art items and scented candles. Besides its full points for ambience, the food here is also quite good. The place made it onto both our lists of burgers and Colombo book nooks

The Food

The tom yum soup here is known for being absolutely delicious. For Rs. 675, it's a hefty brothy bowl, light and flavoursome, with the perfect punch of spice and lemongrass. Plenty of chunky, soft slices of beef to go with the soupy noodles. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a soup this much.

We also went for the beef burger. For Rs. 785, it's a lot to pay for a burger, but this seems to be the general price range for mains at PRC. The beef patty was very good though, thick and well ground, and it comes with a good plate of thick fries. 

They also do a good, milky layered cafe latte, for Rs. 325. This is one of the good places in CMB for well ground coffee, others being Whight & Co and Oro 1889

For Rs. 695 we got a gigantic slice of chocolate cake and ice cream - it was good, with nutty bits to break the flavour and a bit of cheese on top. Still, this is where you can get caught with a big bill - desserts are all for around Rs. 700+. If you get mains and coffees, you can walk off having just paid Rs. 3000 for two, which is good considering quality. 

Ambience & Service

Paradise Road Cafe is truly one of the nicest places to chill out at. They've got a distinct, simple theme of clean white woodwork, wooden floors and sunlight streaming in. You can either sit under the fan at tables and windows, watching the traffic pass by outside, or sit further indoors where there's A/C and cushy sofas. It's a small space, so service is unsurprisingly good.

Before and after your meal, it's easy to get lost in the maze of quirky Paradise Road home decor around you and downstairs. The store is a calm clutter of statuettes and lanterns, cocooned inside the powerful aroma of scented candles and the tinkling of wind chimes. 


This is one place we would recommend, to hang out for conversation with a few friends or by yourself with a book. The food and drinks are good, the ambience is very pleasant, and if you order wisely it's also a good bargain. 


Try the home made ginger beer. It's a bit steep at Rs. 265, but very good.
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Paradise Road Cafe is one of our favourite haunts, cocooned in a small, white, quiet space atop a lovely store full of antiques and art. The food and coffee are very good, and it's an excellent book nook.

While its possible to get lost in the magical world of Shanth Fernando's cups and cutlery, if you do manage to make it up the sloping stairs to the cafe, it's a lovely place. Perfect for a meeting, socialising or even some alone time, you can relax with a book or sip on some chilled homemade ginger beer as you watch the world go by, framed by the soft sounds of the Cafe's tinkling background music. This is one of Colombo's best, underrated little artistic nooks.

පැරඩයිස් රෝඩ් කොළඹ තියෙන ජනප්‍රියම සංචාරක ගමනාන්තයක්. කොටුව හෝ ගෝල් බක් ලයිට් හවුස් අමතක කරන්න. හවසට කූඩුවලට එන පරෙවියන් වගේ සංචාරකයෝ ඇදිලා එන්නේ බෙයාර්ෆුට් එකටයි පැරඩයිස් රෝඩ් එකටයි. මෘදු ලෙස සුවඳ ගැල්වූ තෙල් වර්ග, ඝණකම් කළුගල් හෝ සිමෙන්ති ආභරණ, දිලිසෙන කිරි සුදු පිඟන් භාණ්ඩ - ශාන්ත් ෆර්නැන්ඩෝගේ ජේත්තුකාර අභ්‍යන්තර අලංකරණ සහ කොළඹ රසවත් කෑම හල් සංචාරකයන් ආකර්ෂණය කරගන්නට දශක දෙකක් තිස්සේ සමත් වෙලා තියෙනවා.


213, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7


As you go up Dharmapala Mawatha towards Town Hall, pass Cotton Collection too and just after Commercial Bank you'll find the black-and-white striped banners of Paradise Road Cafe on your left.


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