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Park Street Gourmet

33b, Park Street, Colombo 02

Park Street Gourmet is the city's first gourmet grocer. They've got all sorts of fancy food fare for the culinary bon vivant.

Say goodbye to dodgy Facebook resellers and black market olive oil brands because Colombo's newest grocer happens to have everything you need for an epicurean mealtime experience. Squid Ink Pasta? Freshly made artisan bread? A-grade Australian Rib Eye? You name it, they have it. 

Section 1

As soon as you walk in, you'll be greeted by shelves stocked with dried fruit snacks, granola, fancy crackers, Ladyfingers for Tiramisu (FINALLY!), and snacks of sorts if you're health-conscious and prefer organic, natural stuff.

Ask Karin- the Head of Brands at Favourite International (which actually started PSG), and she'll be more than happy to walk you through or give you a rundown on their products. Also, if you need any advice on what to get; they'll be able to help you out there as well. 

There's a section that carries various sauces, spreads, spices, different kinds of pasta, and whatnot- all from different parts of the world. For example, the bottle pictured above is a premium product that's nearly decades old. A fine vinegar- to add to any fiiiiiine dish you're making at home. 

Here are a few marmalades, and spreads you might be interested in. They've also got salad dressing, and other artisan twists on normal products you'd find at Arpico or whatever. 

Look at all this pickled produce. Mmmm. Fancy some organic pickled nuts? Or all-natural almond syrup? TRUFFLE OIL? They've got all those, waiting on the shelves just for you.

I was tempted beyond belief to go ape on most of these products but nay, my purse pleaded with me to 'at least wait until payday, will you?!' 
So wait, I must. 

Section 2

This is a small area with a bunch of fridges and whatnot that hold some exciting produce for all those who looooove a good cut of meat. From prime Australian beef steak, to duck breast, and all manner of seafood fare; PSG has it all. The starting prices go from Rs. 1000++ as expected, but you're getting a great bang for your buck. 

Look at all this seafood. Mussels, Clams, Atlantic Salmon fillets and lots of other fishy goodness is attainable here. I must also mention that they've got products featuring other local brands like pre-cooked ravioli from Dolce Italia etc- so if you'd like some, just purchase it here and heat it up/dine within the comfort of your own home. 

This is a hideous photograph, but it's the only one we have of their cheese fridge. Every ingredient you'd need for a cheeseboard- you can get here. You can basically get anything you want here.

I think I've managed to stress on that quite a bit without meaning to do so. Sorry, I'm just excited (not sorry).  If only they also carried bottled wills to live- then this would be the perfect place. But nothing is perfect, so it's fine. 

The Wine Cellar 

Now the biggest highlight of all; The Wine Cellar. This isn't exactly a literal cellar - it's just a collection of an innumerable range of wines from red, to white, to pink, to sparkling, and on and on it goes.

There's an mural that maps out the continents, but the interesting part is that you'll find they mark the regions which their wines are from, with red light bulbs. Pretty cool!

Wines are marked including price and region, to narrow down any inconveniences you might be faced with in your haste to procure such vials of deliciousness. Prices start from Rs. 1500.  

More wine.

Service & Ambience

The service here is extremely straightforward and well handled. The hosts/owners are always present and will be glad to show you around and help you out if you're a bit lost. Ask them for any details on the products and they'll happily oblige. 


Before I end this, I have to tell y'all about serving up fresh loaves for grabs. Their bread is fan-tas-tic, and it sells out super fast- so head there a bit early if you'd like to snag yourself a loaf. 

Park Street Gourmet is an incredibly useful new addition for anyone who wants to take their cooking up a notch and enjoy a gourmet dinner or whatever at home. Their ingredients come in a wide range, are of high quality and are great value for money. Bon appetit!


Try not to buy everything.


33b, Park Street, Colombo 02



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