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Parma Wattala

465/3, Negombo Road, Hendala Junction, Wattala.

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A rice and curry takeaway joint in Wattala.

Rice and Curry places are everywhere, and satisfying your very Lankan buth needs isn't very difficult because of this.

Parma Wattala happens to be a little store in the area that serves up a range of rice and curry styles buth packets, and while they don't do anything beyond takeaway, it's a worthy opponent in your search of rice and curry. 

Service and Ambience

Boosting a giant board, a cement grounded floor, a few (and by few, we mean 3 and a half) wooden circles that are supposed to be chairs and a showcase, Parma could not get any more takeaway than this. 

That being said, the restaurant itself seemed to be pretty clean and well kept. The staff wasn't all that friendly, but they weren't rude either. And while we wouldn't necessarily be joyful about this particular turn of events, we can't complain. 

The Food 

This is their take on Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 220). For its price, this is brilliant. Packed tightly, almost to the point of bursting, the rice packet comprised of fluffy white rice tossed in the smallest bit of veggies and topped with a fiery red sauced-up take on chicken. 

While the rice itself didn't taste like much, the sauce and the accompaniments helped boost it up by a lot. Spicy and very saucy, the chicken gave a heap of flavour to the whole assemblage. Served with a sad bit of chop suey that was more or less boiled vegetables than anything, we thought it was quite all right. 

What really blew us away was the Chicken Biriyani. Coming in at an extremely decent Rs. 250, the portion was fantastic. With enough rice to serve 2 people, the Biriyani wasn't necessarily the most traditional takes on the dish.

However, with a steady base of brilliantly yellow, spiced up rice that somehow tasted a lot like dil, we liked it. The chicken was pretty generous and considering how there was a bit of salad and egg to wrap everything together, we couldn't complain. All in all, we'd say it's a decent option to go with tbh. 


If you're looking for a decent place to get your rice and curry fix for a very reasonable amount, we'd say this deserves to be given a shot at. With generous portion sizes and enough flavour to keep things consistent, we say go for it! 

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