Peace Villa Restaurant

130, Lewis Place, Negombo

Peace Villa is a little restaurant down Lewis Place, Negombo. The food was actually kind of underwhelming, but they serve a great glass of 'All Milkshake'.

Peace Villa is a little restaurant down Lewis Place, Negombo. The food was actually kind of underwhelming, but they serve a great glass of 'All Milkshake'.

The Place


Like we said before, this is one of the many little eateries down that Negombo street. We were wandering down for a while, scrutinizing different menus and trying to decide where to stop for food. We finally settled at Peace Villa because unlike the others it didn't reek of fried rice and oily curries.


It's a nice quiet open space of checkered tablecloths and random murals on the walls and a shelf of travel logs in the corner.

Food & Service


So I was glad about stopping here because the menu said 'pancakes' - they've also got typical rice and curry and seafood dishes, which we haven't tried so we can't account for that in this review. We just felt like a snack so we ordered the banana pancakes and chicken sandwiches. Service was slow on our visit, because it was off-season and the aunty in charge was probably making it all from scratch.

The pancakes at Rs. 200 were a big let-down, they were literally just pieces of banana wrapped in ordinary flour-and-milk pancakes (I foolishly expected the fluffy American ones). They were slightly bitter too because it wasn't doused in kithul (which would have been tasty) but something a bit off-putting with pancakes, like pol pani.


The chicken sandwiches for some reason were more expensive than the sad plate of pancakes, at Rs. 250. They were literally just fresh slices of bread with pieces of plain chicken between, and a bit of fresh capsicum on the side.


Our All Milkshake for Rs. 180 was a great way to wash down the bitter taste of disappointment though. It's literally all the fruits blended together - it was nice and thick, and we tasted interesting bits of banana, papaya and mango.



We didn't try their main dishes on our visit, but Peace Villa isn't the best place to stop for a snack. It is however a pleasant space to relax in the shade.


Go for the All Milkshake on a hot day.


130, Lewis Place, Negombo


Head down Lewis Place where the hotels are - it's opposite Angel Inn, near Peacock Pub


Open 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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