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Pearl of Asia

No 338, T.B Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10.

Pearl of Asia is the newest department store in Colombo for all your shopping experiences.

Pearl of Asia located on Colombo 10 is the newest luxury department store to open up in Sri Lanka and it is the first time the Chinese have invested in a department store here. As you might've guessed from the name, it is mostly focused on jewellery and an assortment of retail stores. 

The store opened up earlier this year and we finally got around to checking it out. Straight off the bat, I have to say, this is not the place you would go to if you're looking for a shopping spree or to kill some time with your friends. In terms of prices they are similar to the shops at Arcade, i.e: expensive.


The place isn't that big but they do have quite a number of stores. The carpeted wooden floors and the music playing all around gives you the feel of being inside a hotel lobby. Even the roof has a nice finish to it using wood and framed artwork. It wasn't crowded since we went in the morning but I did see a few people entering as we were going out.

The Shops

The building is two floors and has quite a bit of clothing stores and jewellery to choose from. So far, there are about 16 shops in total. 

There's Hemachandras Jewellers which is one of Sri Lanka's leading jewellers offering precious and semi-precious gem stones with a wide range of selection at competitive prices.

You can also find Travel Smart at Pearl of Asia, offering quality travel bags, handbags and wallets. 
We also dropped by Akbar Brothers, one of the biggest tea importers in the country, with a selection of high-quality premium tea.

In addition, there's also Vviola, Pearl Eye, Angels Cloud, Pulse and Aroma on the ground floor. At the far end of the hall, you will find a tourists' personal favourite. I didn't see a name of the store anywhere but it has a full selection of Sri Lankan memoirs including amazing crafts, masks, clothes, ornaments and much more. They're not unreasonably expensive.

On the second floor is where you would find the clothing store Brand Arena where they've got a pretty decent selection of clothes including your favourites like Signature, Crocodile, Arugam Bay, Puma and Clarks.

They also have a range of scented candles (approx. Rs. 400 for a medium sized candle) and a store called Cococut Collectives which had a lot of coconut infused skin/hair care products.

We also found a Siddhalepa store which had a number of their Ayurveda healing care products.

One of the best things I found was the kitchenware. From mugs to ceramic containers to cute bowls, they had pretty much everything you need to store your food. The prices are kinda steep though (approx. Rs. 800 for a mug) but hey, if you can afford it, lucky you!

KAMU (Food)

They only have two shops which you can find on either side as soon as you enter; Sweet (Frosty Roll) and Savoury (Rancrisp Cashews).

Frosty Roll is the new rolled ice cream place in town serving a variety of flavours. Check out our full review here


The place is basically another Arcade with the addition of jewellery. They have quality products and a lot of options to choose from. It's an ideal place to shop if you have a function to attend to or if you're looking to take some gifts for your friends abroad. 


They have cool scented candles for Rs. 400.


No 338, T.B Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10.


It's right next to Excel World, towards the color lights.


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