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A fried-rice centric cloud kitchen.

Peppercorn is a home-based, fried rice-centric restaurant in Pannipitiya. They deliver through PickMe Food.


Peppercorn keeps things simple with fried rice, nasi goreng and also biriyani, served with chicken/ vegetables/ eggs. The fried rice is offered with keeri samba/ basmati rice, while the others are available in basmati only.

Clocking in at a whopping Rs. 790, this Chicken Nasi goreng came with a generous portion of rice, a chicken sausage, some chilli paste, fried egg, and a grilled chicken & pineapple skewer. 

With a subtle spicy note, the rice was seasoned well and tasted good, but it wasn't exactly nasi goreng-like. There were many chunks of garlic, carrots and greens at play, adding character and flavour to the dish. If you're not too hungry, you can easily share this with someone.

We liked having a citrusy kick from pineapple, while the chicken in the skewer could have used some seasoning; at least some salt and pepper. 

The Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 400, keeri samba version) came with the helpings of chilli paste and devilled chicken. A hefty portion of super fluffy rice, tossed in with carrots and spring onions, it's your basic fried rice. As for the chicken, it was sweet and spicy, just as it should be. 

However, the rice-to-chicken ratio could improve. A little more chicken in the fray will be certainly helpful.


While there's room for improvement, especially in the nasi goreng department, Peppercorn is a good bet to get your simple fried rice fix. The portions are good, so it's value for money too.

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