Pho Vietnam

71 Rosmead Pl, Colombo

Pho serves up simple and healthy Vietnamese food.

One of the only authentic Vietnamese restaurants in Colombo, Pho Vietnam has been around for some time. They're no longer at Thimbirigasyaya, but instead, they have branches down Havelock Road and Rosmead Place. In this review, we look at the latter. 


Taking on a stance that's somehow a mix between a cafe and a restaurant, the ambience at Pho Vietnam essentially comprises of homely wooden furniture, a couch that extends itself along one entire side of the resto and plenty of leafy, tropical wall art that give very Bali vibes. 

There isn't much in terms of privacy. But it is great for when you're looking for a place to have a chilled out dinner with a bunch of people who don't mind making an absolute racket when they're at the restaurant. 

The Food 

Starting things up with 2 Vietnamese Summer Rolls (Rs. 400) was one of the better decisions we made that day. Served with a sweet, vinegar dressing on the side, the rolls were covered in a rubbery film and packed with plenty of crunchy veggies and meat that went beautifully with the sauce. Mint, coriander, carrots, prawns and chicken, the rolls were crisp, fresh and just the perfect start to the meal. 

The Seafood Stir-Fried Noodles (Rs. 800) is for those of you who can't handle the blandness of pho. Served warm, the slinky noodles were perfect and were packed with flavour with plenty of seafood (prawns and cuttlefish) to complete the dish. The plate was smothered by the likes of bok choy and carrots and a deliciously salty soupy substance. 

The Beef Noodle Soup (Rs. 650) comes under pho. Super, super light with lots of spring onions and plenty of strips of beef to accompany the noodles, we loved it. The bowl is big enough for me to completely fill myself up and still stare guiltily as half the bowl remains covered with watery soup, bits of beef that you missed and the lots of spring onion as garnish. 

The coriander helped in terms of adding a spicy kick while the mung contributed for a spongy texture. Personally, I didn't particularly love the addition of lime, but, that's just me. 

Pictured Above: Jasmine Green Tea (Left), Lemon Mint Soda (Right)

The Jasmine Green Tea (Rs. 500) came as a picture-perfect glass teapot packed with jasmine flowers and green tea. Smelling absolutely divine, the green tea was fantastic. 

The Lemon Mint Soda (Rs. 450) pretty much followed suit to the prior. Packed with bits of mint and lots of limey kicks, this was brilliant. 


The staff at Pho Vietnam was lovely. They weren't intrusive, they were wonderfully efficient about everything from taking our order to getting it to the table within 10-15 minutes of placing our order. 


Our experience at Pho Vietnam - Rosmead Place was quite good. The ambience is lovely and the food was quite good as well. If you're looking for a decent spot to get your kick of authentic Vietnamese cuisine, we'd recommend it. 


There is parking for about three vehicles inside.


71 Rosmead Pl, Colombo


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Open 10 to 11 PM, Closed On Mondays

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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500



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