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Pink Sugar

No. 3, Nandana Gardens, Colombo 4

Pink Sugar is a new home baker which remixes classic flavors like Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and Irish cream.

We're super grateful for Colombo's growing community of home-bakers, and were glad to try out Pink Sugar. Nisha, the skilled baker behind Pink Sugar, offers cupcakes, brownies and cake pops, using sweet-tooth favourites like Oreo, Ferrero Rocher and Irish cream. She also makes puddings, mousses and chocolates.

The Range


The Ferrero Rocher fudge brownies, we have to say, was one of our favourites of the lot. The brownie was soft with hot fudge dripping off the top, and it was stuffed with crunchy nuts and Ferrero Rocher biscuit. You can order a minimum of 9 pieces, for Rs. 2000 - which we think is decent considering the size of the brownies. They're also available in ordinary chocolate, mint and Oreo flavours.


When I heard she was actually combining Snickers and cupcakes - two of the most awesome things in the universe - I knew we had to try them. The Snickers cupcakes don't have the strong taste of Snickers bars, but she had used peanuts and chocolate and caramel so it was kind of the same genre. Whether it was accurate or not, this is one of the most fun things to pick from her menu, and it's pretty tasty.

Pink Sugar cupcakes are generally for Rs. 110 - 200 for a minimum of 12, which will cost you about Rs. 1300. But the nice thing is, as long as the cupcake base (chocolate, vanilla or red velvet) is the same for all 12 cupcakes, you can ask her for varied toppings and fillings. So for example, you can get a 12 batch that includes Oreo, mint, coffee and Snicker flavours.


The coffee and mint cupcakes have a very strong flavour so if you're particularly a big mint or coffee fan you'll get a kick out of these. Personally, the red velvet kind of missed the mark for me, mostly because the cream was kind of hard. All the other cupcakes though had super creamy topping and soft cake.


The Sinfully Divine cupcakes have always been my personal favourite and the name is pretty spot-on. These are chocolate cupcakes with three layers of mousse inside, topped with delicious chocolate ganache. The cake was softer and fell away easier than the rest of our orders and with the mousse and ganache coming together, it's just one big creamy heavenly snack.


The Oreo cake pops didn't carry much Oreo flavour in them, but this is a very sugary chocolate-cake treat - lots of fun for kids, specially since you can customize the icing patterns. Each is 70 bucks and you need to get a minimum of ten.



Pink Sugar baked goodies are very rich - super sugary and creamy - so just two or three cupcakes will make you feel like you're kind of full. The prices are pretty much on the same level as a lot of Colombo home bakers, so they are reasonable, the portions are good, and we're psyched that they've got some interesting cupcake options like Nutella, Black Forrest and Snickers.


Make your order at least a day in advance. You can't go wrong asking for cupcakes with chocolate ganache.


No. 3, Nandana Gardens, Colombo 4


Pick up is from Nandana Gardens which is almost opposite the Bambalapitiya Flats, and after St Paul's Church Milagiriya.


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