Playtrix Sports Bar and Cafe

Level 1, Colombo City Centre, 137, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02

Known as one of the high-end sports bars in Colombo, Playtrix has claimed a spot inside the popular CCC.

Playtrix has been around for a bit over a year now, and in that time their standards have improved significantly, both in terms of food and cocktails. They've also stuck to their guns and become what we consider to be the best sports bar around Colombo.

Ambience & Service

When Playtrix first opened up in 2014 at CR & FC, we were a bit skeptical as to their potential longevity due to the failures of the location's predecessors. However, they've kept impressing us throughout the past year. The space is hella colourful which may not be for everyone, but we like the change-up from the usual smokey British pub setting. With a bunch of HD teles set to different sports encounters, Playtrix really is a complete sports bar. They also host a bunch of events throughout the week like beer pong and pub quiz, which is pretty neat.

The first time we reviewed Playtrix, the service was a bit off, but that was mostly because it was still quite new and the staff was inexperienced. On this visit, however, we didn't have any problems in terms of service. They've got buzzers on each table connected to the waiter's watch, so you don't need to wave frantically from across the bar. They were also nice enough to come around and ask if we wanted to place a final order before happy hour ends, which isn't something many spots do.


Playtrix actually offers a very impressive selection of foreign and local beers priced a bit under the usual high-end bar fare, with bottle of Lion at around Rs. 400. They didn't initially have cocktails, but now they've got decent selection priced between Rs. 750 - Rs. 1500, and they actually offer pitchers for most of them. Their happy hour deal is also pretty legit; buy one get one free on food and drinks (excluding bottles of hard spirits) from 5 PM - 9 PM on weekdays (except Monday). 

Their Whiskey Sour (Rs. 750) was actually one of best we've had in a while, though not one of the strongest. That being said, we feel it's a pretty good balance since the whiskey is still the distinct flavour complemented by the citrus and light sweetness. Judging by the thin layer of foam, we think they did add a dash of egg white which added nice frothiness with no eggy taste whatsoever.

I'm a sucker for passion fruit based cocktails, so the Passiontini (Rs. 850) was a no-brainer and it was really tasty. It's very mild in terms of the intensity of the vodka but the tanginess and sweetness of the passionfruit is what really shines through. We obviously went for the happy hour deal on this one.


The food is where we feel Playtrix has improved the most, both in terms of selection and quality. Prices fall into the usual restaurant range of Rs. 650 - Rs. 2000 but if you go during happy hour you're getting an excellent deal. Their menu is actually very large so we haven't tried most of their dishes, but the three we did try were all excellent. They don't specialize in any particular cuisine but they've got most pub essentials along with pasta, burgers and whatnot.

The pork spare ribs (Rs. 1400) was one of their more expensive dishes, but this was on point. The portion was quite large but and the ribs had surprisingly few bones, so almost all that you see in the image is meat, which was tender and well cooked. It's served with a small portion of garden salad and potaoes in white sauce. It's quite a lot of carbs but they were cooked well with the richness of the white sauce complementing the soft texture of the potatoes. The best part, however, was the sauce that came with ribs which was like a sweet thick glaze that binded perfectly to the meat, just adding so much flavour to it.

A while back we did a video on their bacon wrapped cheese sandwich (Rs. 1200), so we wanted to see how they'd fare on an anonymous visit. We actually got three of them because of that happy hour deal, and they were all equally great across the board. Be warned though, this isn't for the light of heart. You can basically feel your arteries clog up as you eat this but it was just too satisfying for us to care.

The sandwhich was packed with melted cheese that oozed out as you bit into it with that crispy bacony batter that really makes this one of the most unique sandwiches around Colombo.


Playtrix has improved in almost all aspects during the past year to really establish themselves as one of the top sports bars in Colombo. If you want to catch up on some sports or just grab some good grub, these guys are a good bet.


They've got a PS4 now so you can even game in there.


Level 1, Colombo City Centre, 137, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02



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