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Plus Nine Four

No. 35, D S Fonseka Road, Colombo 5.

  • This place has closed down

An alfresco dining experience with healthy, delicious meals.

Hidden away smack down in the middle of the city, Plus Nine Four is an amazing cafe that offers a range of healthy food and drinks which you can enjoy sitting under the shade. They are the sister cafe to the ever so popular Cafe Kumbuk

The Food

One of the many things we liked about Plus Nine Four is, they're vegan and vegetarian-friendly. They have a few bread options, a veggie burger, lamb, french toast and a smoothie bowl, as well as a separate cakes and bakes options which have about 9-10 delicacies. 

We started off with a savory dish called Wholegrain Sourdough (Rs. 700) which comes with mushroom garlic toast, onion garlic jam, and basil. It was vegan and really, really good. Their bread is from and it was excellent.

The sourdough was fresh, crunchy and flavourful. If you didn't know, Sourdough is made without commercial baker’s yeast, and it is free of chemical enhancements and additives.

While the seeni sambol (onion garlic jam) on top was sweet and slightly spicy, the mushrooms were simply cooked without any strong flavours which left the seeni sambol to be the highlight of the dish. Everything blended together effortlessly and we highly recommend it.

On the sweet side of things, we tried the Brioche French Toast (Rs. 1000) because it seems like their biggest seller. It is essentially two Brioche French toasts topped with caramelized bananas, kithul treacle and Kiri Toffee artisan ice cream by Carino.

Brioche bread is ideal for french toast because of its high content of egg and butter, giving it a rich and tender texture. The kiri toffee ice cream and all that treacle made it way too sweet for the both of us. Don't get me wrong, it tasted amazing but they could have eased off on the treacle. 

Finally, we finished off with a delightful Warm Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie (Rs. 500) served with coconut ice cream and sugared plantain chips. It was simply wonderful!

Vishvi could not handle any more sweetness so I enjoyed this all by myself. The cookie wasn't warm as the name insinuated, but it was homemade, fresh and the consistency was spot on. While it was sweet with a nice crunch to it, the ice cream and the crispy chips did add more flavour to the whole thing.

The Drinks

They have coffee, tea, milkshakes and fresh juices along with milk alternates like almond milk, but unfortunately, it wasn't available. 

The Matcha Latte (Rs. 600) was one of the best we have had. It was creamy, thick, refreshing and a great pick-me-up in the morning, but we do wish they hadn't added sugar. It wasn't overly sweet, but that did underwhelm the bitter taste of the matcha. They use Blenz matcha powder from Aussie. 

The Cappuccino (Rs. 450) unfortunately did not impress as much. They use Soul Coffee beans which we were not fans of. The coffee tasted quite burnt and the consistency of the cappuccino was not as thick as we would have liked.

Service and Ambiance

Their service was outstanding. While the waitstaff is very friendly, chirpy and well-versed, they asked our opinion on the food which is always nice to see.

Their presentation of food is phenomenal, from the sleek black coffee cups and the shiny plates to the beautifully arranged food. 

Aside from the limited seating inside, there's also a great al fresco situation going on here with wooden chairs and tables neatly arranged under the shade. 

It was pretty hot outside when we went, but we hardly felt it here surrounded by all that greenery. It's amazing to have a spot like this; peaceful, small as it is, in the middle of the city. They have great WiFi, so it's a perfect place to get some work done.


Plus Nine Four is definitely someplace that you should check out. The prices are very steep so unfortunately, I don't see it becoming a regular spot for us, but the food is very healthy and delicious.  


Their Matcha Latte is superb!


No. 35, D S Fonseka Road, Colombo 5.


Turn left onto D S Fonseka Road from Police Field Force HQ on Thimbirigasyaya and it will be on your right.


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This place has closed down


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Tried the ash plantain burger, and it was pretty good. A tad pricey overall at 900.





Tried the ash plantain burger, and it was pretty good. A tad pricey overall at 900.

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