Poké 65

65 International Buddhist Centre Rd, Colombo 06

A cloud kitchen that does healthy poke bowls with a twist.

Colombo's cloud kitchen scene is growing strong every day, with many unique ventures. This time around, we came across Poké 65, which dishes out some deliciously healthy, vibrant poké bowls. It's managed by the team at Mai Globe Travels. 

How To Order

They accept orders through WhatsApp. The menu is posted on their Instagram feed, or simply look at our menu section. Once your order is decided, drop a WhatsApp text to 0772990565. 

You can opt for delivery or takeaway. Their pickup location is down International Buddhist Centre Road in Wellawatte, while the delivery radius covers Colombo and its suburbs. Ours was delivered to Maharagama and the delivery fee was Rs. 500.

The Bowls

Poké 65's creations are influenced by different cuisines, such as Vietnamese, Japanese, Thailand and more. 

This is the Saigon Bowl (Rs. 1450). Resting on a bed of rice noodles, it featured a bunch of colourful veggies - thinly sliced carrots, zucchini, cabbage lettuce and mint leaves, a heap of minced chicken sprinkled with crushed peanuts, and Poké 65's signature chicken spring rolls, cut into pieces. 

It seems to be deriving inspiration from Vietnamese and Thai flavours. The ensemble of peanut and chicken was lovely, while the vegetables were fresh and crunchy. There was a light crisp in the spring rolls, along with a tasty, well-seasoned filling that's rich with chicken, garlic and a subtle note of ginger. 

With a drizzle of spicy, garlicky, zesty Saigon sauce they serve on the side, the entire dish gets to a whole new level of flavours.

The Poké Maguro Bowl (Rs. 1450) had a dash of Japanese flavours in it. Nestled over some sticky, sushi rice, it had a slab of grilled sashimi tuna seasoned with spicy mayonnaise, as well vegetables - corn, carrots, zucchini, onions and a kale salad, along with some pickled ginger for the extra zing.

The sesame dressing on the kale salad was wonderful, and you can even add a lashing of Saigon sauce if you wish to further shape up the flavour. 

This portion of Viet Nam (Rs. 650) includes more Vietnamese-style chicken spring rolls. In here, they simply make the rolls with the filling and rice paper, and deep fry them.  


Poké 65 makes nutritious lunches with fresh elements. They use eco-friendly bowls to assort them, which is another plus point. The delivery fee was a little higher than we anticipated, but all in all, they're a worthy purchase. 


65 International Buddhist Centre Rd, Colombo 06


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