97 Cemetery Rd, Negombo

Your best pick for rice & curry in Negombo.

If you're looking for rice & curry in Negombo, look no further than Polos. The stuff they whip up here are super delicious, have a very homemade, authentic taste to it, and good on the wallet. 

Food & Drinks

We found ourselves here during a weekend and had the pleasure of indulging in their Saturday special dunthel buth (unfortunately, no polos).

Clocking in at Rs. 300, the Beef Dunthel Buth was presented on a piece of banana leaf placed on a mud plate. Accompanied by curried up beef, dhal, tempered potato, brinjal moju, papadum and cucumber salad, it was some excellently prepared dunthel buth. Fluffy, well-seasoned and not oily in any way, the rice itself was gorgeously yellow in colour, aromatic and absolutely flavoursome.

Infused with a good dose of our finest spices, the beef was boasting with rich curry notes and had a very soft texture. The gravy was so delectable; we sincerely did wish we had some paratha roti to pair it with.

The tempered potato had a sprinkle of chilli flakes spicing things up, while the moju adding a swirl of sweetness to balance it out. The overall flavour was further strengthened by the milky dhal curry, which also had lots and lots of curry taste to savour. With the addition of crunchy cubes of cucumber and good old papadum, this meal is probably what our dreams are made of. 
Sharing the same curries, the Pork Dunthel Buth (Rs. 250) was a winner too. 

Every ounce of these piggies was wrapped in a luscious paste of spices, intensifying its flavour. The curry leaves and chunks of rampe (pandan) in the fray did a really good job in creating one of the best pork curries we've had to date. Plus, it's mostly meaty bits, with just a few melt-in-your-mouth fatty cuts. If you love pork as much as we do, this is a must-try at Polos.

Our dessert was this Caramel Pudding (Rs. 100). Sure it looked fine at a glance with its beautiful brown shade on top and just the right amount of sweetness to boot, but it was quite spongy in texture, and not exactly puddingy.

Polos does good fresh juices, and we're happy with the Watermelon Juice (Rs. 200) we got. It was a refreshing treat, and we could taste the natural sweetness and flavours of watermelon through every sip of it. 

Ambience & Service

Perched on the front yard of a house, Polos has a good ambience aligned with plastic and wooden furniture and a couple of giant fans. The food is placed behind the counter covered with a thatched canopy, and the servers were quite efficient with the orders. They got a whole bunch of delivery and takeout requests, but it didn't slow down the service, which we appreciate. 


Polos does rice & curry right, and our only regret is missing the polos curry here, which is rumoured to be amazing. That being said, we clearly see ourselves returning to Polos in our next trip to Negombo. 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re