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Pork Paradise

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If you love pork, stay away from Pork Paradise.

We were excited to review the Pork Paradise. A virtual kitchen by Mona's, Pork Paradise is all about pork, and available for delivery. But, if you love pork, this is probably a choice that you should not consider.

Here's why.


Pretty much everything at Pork Paradise is supposed to have pork in them - from pizza, fried rice and kottu to bites, burgers and pasta. Our order included the Spicy Salami Pizza (Rs. 1875), Black Pork Kottu (Rs. 890) and a side of Potato Wedges (Rs. 450).

Like a pack of wolves that gathers around a pack of bacon, we were super stoked to try out the food. But oy vey! Within just a few seconds, our expectations started to fall apart.

I think my heart cringes a little bit every time I look at this picture. The only good part about it was the crispy crust, but aside from that, not a single element here impressed us. Featuring little to no cheese and just ONE piece of salami per slice (and one more), it was hella dry that we ended up dipping it into a gravy they sent with the kottu for some moisture, and yes, flavour. It's more like a pizza-shaped, flatbread really, nothing else.
The Black Pork Kottu tasted wrong. Too oily for our liking, it reeked of foul-smelling coconut oil, and had about ten, tiny bits of pork. The pork itself had a tinge of sourness to it.
The Potato Wedges followed suit. Presenting a whiff of that same bad coconut oil, the potato wedges were all sogged up, too oily and couldn't even keep the batter from falling off of it. 

Needless to say, we didn't finish any of these.


While the concept that they're built on is surely interesting, our experience with The Pork Paradise wasn't so paradisiacal. Six of us shared this meal and we all ended up reordering lunch from different places. They have a whole bunch of things that they need to improve, especially in terms of flavour and actually adding pork in the dishes.


Delivery only

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Italian Sri Lankan Chinese

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Pasta Kottu Fried Rice Pork Pizza

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