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29, Kadawatha Road, Off Anderson Road, Kalubowila

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If you're having people over and don't want to cook or just having a family meal, we highly recommend Pot Biriyani for takeaway or delivery. It's run by a friendly family and they make tasty, well presented and generous biriyani, among other things.

Aside from having a fiercely loyal fan base and being something of a cult favourite amongst suburban Dehiwala, Pot Biriyani serves up some really good biriyani.

*Pictured: Chicken Biriyani, Tandoori Chicken, Green Peas, Onion Achcharu and Maldive Fish Sambol.

Out of all the biriyanis we've had, these guys are in our Top 5.

What do they do?

All things biriyani
They've got string hopper biriyani as well. You get to pick between chicken, mutton, beef or seafood. They also have cupcakes and other stuff up for grabs so make sure you go through their menu. Aside from individual orders, they also cater to events so call them up and inquire if you're interested. 

Keep in mind that a small pot of biriyani (enough for 4-6) costs Rs. 2,200 while the larger portion (enough for 8-10) cost us Rs. 3,200.

The Process

You'll have to call them up on to place an order about two days ahead. The lady will take your details down or- depending on how clear your line is- you might have to send them a text with all your details. Delivery is available as well. 

The Service

They'll deliver your biriyani right on time, if not a few twenty minutes or so earlier. You'll have to pay for the tuk fare as delivery charge. They operate from deep inside the Dehiwela suburbs, so to get here they charged us about Rs. 300. The food is brought neatly packaged and the accompaniments are organised into separate containers.

The Biriyani

The biriyani is a typical Hyderabadi dum biriyani and is served in a large clay pot. We thought the packaging was super cool but here at the HQ, there's a few of us trying to figure out how to put the large pot to good use. 

  • The rice seems to be cooked in a myriad of spices with rich stock and small hints of saffron. Along with large bits of boiled chicken (cooked in the same stock) the whole dish came together extremely well and was further enhanced by a generous smattering of cilantro leaves.
  • At first taste it seems a little overbearing especially if you're more used to the local, dulled down version for what passes off as biriyani. But rest assured, this possesses all the explosive qualities of a perfect dum biriyani. 
  • Keep in mind that although the serving size says 8, it can easily feed about 12 people because although almost all of us helped ourselves to the rice and chicken, there was still a lot left over. 

Aside from the excess amount of chicken in the pot, we also got two parcels of fried tandoori-spiced chicken. 
There were four large chunks of chicken, well fried with a fiery orange coating and adequate seasoning. The chicken was soft and tender to the bite. Initially, we were a bit taken aback with the rather hefty amount of meat, but it didn't go to waste in the end.

The Accompaniments

There were three large containers, each containing the standard green peas, onion achcharu and maldive fish sambol. I'm not a huge fan of any of these items, but:

  • The peas were well flavoured and tasted like they came with a cashew gravy, but alas, no cashews were found.
  • The onion achcharu had a delicious sweet tang to it, but in order to keep my stomach safe, I chose to abstain.
  • The maldive fish sambol reeked as all maldive fish sambols tend to do. The flavour wasn't off though, neither did it blow us away so if you're a fan of having this stuff with your biriyani, then this would do nicely.


Since our last review, they haven't dropped in terms of quality or quantity. Their biriyani has to be one of the best in the city and they're the perfect choice if you're hosting a large group. 


Dig for extra chicken at the bottom of the biriyani pot. It's there.


29, Kadawatha Road, Off Anderson Road, Kalubowila


From Hospital Road (near the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital) turn down Anderson Rd, then right onto Kadawatha Rd. It's about 200m down.



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More than Rs.1500

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Rice Biriyani Lamprais Rice And Curry

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