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201, Muhandiram's Road, Colombo 03

Praneetha is a small eatery that serves up a great rice and curry with the option of every kind of meat, from prawns to pork.

Praneetha, a previous hole-in-the-wall buth kadey, has now become a slightly pish posh kadey with A/C and less stuffy seating space. But is it still a 5 star buth spot? 

We dropped in on a Tuesday afternoon for a quick lunch to find out.

The Food 

With good air conditioning comes slight price hikes. We got a Chicken Rice and Curry for Rs 200, an increment since our past visit but it still manages to be on par with the standard price for a basic rice and curry. We also ordered a Seafood Fried Rice priced at a whopping Rs 600. Never in my life have I ever paid so much for fried rice at a buth kadey.

The portion of rice and curry came with the customary mountain of rice, accompanied by curries of the likes of dhal, mango, kos (jack fruit), chicken, of course, and a gotukola sambol. Despite finding the dhal a little too salty, the rice and curry made for a good portion with the spicy chicken curry mingling well with the much-loved combo of the mellow kos and tangy mango. It was standard and satisfying.

We were made to wait for over 15 minutes for this ginormous Seafood Fried Rice. While Rs 600 is too much by ANY buth kadey standards (with A/C or without) this could have been easily shared between 2 people (or among 3 carb-conscious people). There were plenty of cuttlefish rings, prawns, pieces of fish and deep fried crab which had a soft crunch and tasted great. Overall, it was good, but just not great. Had it been spicier and a little less dry, it would have been a solid fried rice.

While other spots have unlimited papadum, Praneetha does a healthier take and offers unlimited slices of cucumber and leaves of lettuce. There's a tray full of deep-fried chilies too, for that extra kick.

Service and Ambience

Want to witness a Lankan version of Gordon Ramsay? Head to Praneetha during noon on a busy weekday. The man behind the counter is constantly screaming out orders and comments with a dose of annoyance to his masked elves. Makes for good entertainment if you low-key love drama.

Praneetha seems to be a popular lunch spot for office staff around the area. We walked in at about 11.50 am to a room full of lunch-deprived men and women. But it's mostly seen as a takeaway spot rather than dine-in, but the new location does have seating for about 10-15 people.

They've also got a huge frame that would remind you of what an Island lad/lass you are as you work your way through your rice and curry.


As is the case with most places, with expansion, there seems to be a slight drop in their quality. But they still stand as a reliable option for a good Lankan lunch if you're around the area.


201, Muhandiram's Road, Colombo 03


From the junction where Perahara Mawatha meets Hudson Road just walk into Hudson Road a few feet and turn left from the junction in to Muhandiram's Road and you'll find it on the left.