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Prithipura Communities

Prithipura Infants Home, Prithipura Road, Hendala, Wattala

The Prithipura Communities is an organisation dedicated to the care and assistance of children with disabilities.

Think about the word 'home' and what it would mean to children born with disabilities and abandoned by their parents because they cannot provide the necessary care. For 240 such children, Prithipura Communities is home and family. 

Prithipura Communities is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded 50 years ago, operating from four locations to help the neediest people in our communities – differently-abled children and adults. They are dedicated to working with children and adults with disabilities who have little or no family support.

The Prithipura Infants Home in Hendala is the home for both the youngest and the most severely challenged children and young adults. This arm also acts as the administrative centre for the communities.

The Asokapura Farm and Cotagala School is located in the Kegalle district. This centre provides educational facilities for those children who have a milder degree of disabilities. It also provides opportunities for the residents to work in a handicrafts business, to tap rubber and to work on the land.

The Anandapura Farm is situated near the beach town of Negombo in the Gampaha district and provides an environment which encourages the growth and development of the less physically challenged residents in many areas, ranging from the manufacture of goods, to growing crops and animal husbandry.

The Galle Centre is located in Unawatuna. It is an independent living centre where adults with milder disabilities are trained and supported to live in a more autonomous way. These four centres provide a comprehensive environment that caters to a range of disability levels and enables Prithipura Communities to provide a challenging and stimulating environment to those in their care. 

Prithipura Communities rely on donors and sponsors and expect no payment from those who use the services at the community. Babies and pre-school children as well as children/adults with severe disabilities live at the Infant Home where they receive intensive care, therapy and general support from dedicated staff and volunteers.

To give towards this cause, you can:

Make a direct bank transfer to:

Donations in Sri Lankan Rupees 

Account Number: 002010012779


Beneficiary: The Treasurer, Prithipura Infants Home

Bank name & address: Hatton National Bank, City Office, P.O. Box 98, 16 Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka.

Donations in Foreign Currencies:

Account Number: 1110010061


Beneficiary: The Treasurer, Prithipura Infants Home

Bank name & address: Commercial Bank of Ceylon Ltd., Pita Kotte Branch, 539, 539A Kotte Road, Pita Kotte, Sri Lanka.


Send a check to: The Treasurer – Prithipura Infants Home, Beach Road, Hendala, Wattala 11300, Sri Lanka.



Prithipura Infants Home, Prithipura Road, Hendala, Wattala


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