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Private Bakers

No.525, Dr Colvin R de Silva Mawatha, Union Place, Colombo 07

A bakery in Colombo 7 with the softest bread ever.

What separates Private Bakers from every other bakery in town is the fact that they use natural yeast. If you don't know what natural yeast is, and are willing to learn, we suggest clicking here. It'll come in useful. 

Anywho, back to the point. Private Baker is a cute, not-so-small bakery in Town Hall adjoining the We Ai Family. We dropped in for a snack recently and here's how it went. 


In terms of ambience, we really liked it. With enough space to seat at least 25 people, and a variety of seating options like swing chairs and cushion seats, it was as comfortable as any bakery could possibly get. 

They also have a beautiful, bit of Tinkerbell inspired wall art of cacti, plant tendrils and stuff which we thought was a really nice touch. 

The Food 

The buns at Private Bakers was so soft - it felt like we are eating a cloud with a tinge of sweetness to it. Extremely light and airy, these freshly baked buns were the highlight of our meal. 

Let's get to the filling - unfortunately, the bacon bun didn't have the actual bacon that we hoped for. It was just sogged out chicken bacon. Sigh!

The Chicken Burger (Rs. 350) didn't live up to our expectations either. Its patty was meaty, but quite dry, and lacked the seasoning. All the flavours it had, came from the bun, ketup and the vegetable components like lettuce. 

The Spicy Soft (RS. 350) was our favourite. There was a whole load of flossed up, delicious chicken in it, which made a good combo with the excellently executed bun. 

The Doughnut (Rs. 160) was quite alright at best. It did have a very buttered up dough and not so sweet chocolate ganache on top. 

The Butter Cake (Rs. 100), which we bought solely because it looked like something straight out of an anime, was brilliant. We were busy gobbling it down, which is why we don't have proper picture [Ed note: take pictures] of its texture. 

Anyway it will make your inner cartoon loving child scream with glee. Not too sweet and as soft as a cloud, it was a delight. If you're ever here, we highly recommend you get this. 

We were excited to try the Tiramisu Cake (Rs.500), but it sadly fell short of delivering. It looked perfect but tasted like a blend of just heavy cream and butter - no coffee or coco hint were found. 

The Drinks 

The drinks shown above are the Super Fruit Green Research (Rs. 480) and the Iced Mocha (Rs. 580). The Super Fruit Green Research tasted like a mix of cordial and fresh passion fruit juice. Super sweet and icy cold, this would have been ideal for a sunny day. 

The Iced Mocha was necessarily just watered down iced coffee with a slight hint of chocolate. Nothing more. 


Coming into service, we can't really complain. It's mostly self-service. Save for that part when they bill it, heat it up and serve them into plates, of course. They were quite nice during that part of it and they were in no way intrusive while we were there. 


Private Bakers certainly has room for improvement. It's a cosy cafe that you can hangout with your friends and such, while indulging in some snacks, preferably that butter cake.


Get the bread.


No.525, Dr Colvin R de Silva Mawatha, Union Place, Colombo 07



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