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Pumpkin Labs

Delivery only

A budget-friendly spot for not so delicious healthy food.




Well, Pumpkin Labs offers innovative food choices which are GREAT!!! I have done around dozen orders to Pumpkin Labs and all the servings went to the tippy top when it comes to food. I had to give 5 star ratings to all the dishes, coz they are truly unique and flavorful. I've had, almost all the pizza types, wraps and salads. Each and every time I was surprised to see how tasty and innovative those foods are. You can eat anything from Pumpkin Labs without any guilty conscience coz all the dishes are home made and no added flavours and stuff are used.
Well, It Seems that one customer had a bad experience with Pumpkin Labs, that's unfortunate coz Pumpkin Labs is simply the best healthy food outlet I've seen so far.
Pumpkin Labs is truly a Lab coz they do all sorts of experiments with food and comes up with new and healthy dishes…👍

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