Pure Kitchen

Body Bar Gym, No.3 Jawatte Ave, Colombo 005

Pure Kitchen is a cafe adjoining Body Bar Gym in Jawatte.

Pure Kitchen is yet another healthy spot in Colombo to get your health on.


Not only does it serve up food that would make any Fitness nut sigh, but, they're also attached to a gym. If you do happen to go to Body Bar (the gym), you know what we're talking about.


The ambience at Pure Kitchen is quite pretty. With a few wooden tables and chairs and vibrant wall art, it's impossible not to love this place. 

They've got an outdoor seating space next to their parking lot, and a fan. So, it's very unlikely that you'll feel the heat. However, because of its location, there was a thick film of dust on one of the tables. Obviously, we can't expect people to be wiping their tables every hour. But it was just a bit off-putting considering the fact that it was morning, and not very long since they had opened. Anyhow, we should let you know that we peeked into their kitchen while ordering and we saw that it was quite clean. 

The Food

As we mentioned before, Pure Kitchen specializes in healthy food. From pancake to wraps to super bowls and pasta and of course, smoothies, they have them all. 

Starting with the Super Bowl - Chicken (Rs. 1350). If we were to break this giant bowl down - the veggies, particularly the mushrooms, were seasoned nicely and tasted quite good. The Hummus had chili flakes in it, which was a nice touch but it lacked the richness you get in most hummus which is brought on by the excessive use of olive oil.

The Chicken was the only part that made us question the bowl because it was super tough! While it was seasoned quite nicely, the toughness of the chicken made the eating part considerably difficult. The peanut sauce, on the other hand, was pretty damn good. Boasting an unusually rich sour flavor, it quite literally stole the show on this one. 

Next, we have Chicken Pasta (Rs. 850). Unfortunately, we hardly found any chicken on this, and it did taste a lot like Knorr Chicken soup cubes. The pasta was cooked al dente and soaked in a delicious cream sauce. As you can probably see in this picture, the portion does look kinda small, it was actually quite heavy. 

Lastly, we have the Peanut Blast Smoothie (Rs. 600) and the Power Berry Smoothie (Rs. 650). Both smoothies tasted like they shared the same base - a base made out of bananas. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad thing. We're just getting the basics out of the way before we talk about them individually.

The Power Berry, is a blend of three kinds of berries - strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry, as well as bananas. It had a good flavor, but we'd prefer if the banana flavor was less overpowering. 

The Peanut Blast Smoothie was the best part of our experience here. With strong hints of peanut, chocolate, and banana, this tasted like (we don't know how else to put it) the love child of breakfast and dessert. It's worth going back for.

The Service

We have no issues here - the staff at Pure Kitchen was super nice. They helped us choose what to order and they seemed to be quite thorough with their menu. 


While it does have a lot of room for improvement, we really liked our experience at Pure Kitchen. If you ever find yourself here, try the Peanut Blast Smoothie - you won't regret it. 


Try the Peanut Blast Smoothie.


Body Bar Gym, No.3 Jawatte Ave, Colombo 005