Pure Kitchen

Body Bar Gym, No.3 Jawatte Ave, Colombo 005

Pure Kitchen is a cafe adjoining Body Bar Gym in Jawatte.

“You are what you eat” is something that you hear in everyday life - or that little voice inside your head nagging if you are at all serious about “healthy food”. A good kitchen is a must in your life if you are mindful about your body. Pure Kitchen comes to light as a small scratch kitchen that offers a range of health-conscious food to like-minded people. And it's apt that they are located in the premises of the Body Bar gym Jawatte Ave.

Food & Drinks

They got you covered for your breakfast and lunch, and drinks to go with them. To start with, we went with the Banana & Oat Pancakes (Rs.600) from the breakfast section. Being a health-focused restaurant, we were a bit concerned about food being devoid of taste, but this was a nice surprise. The pancake was a delight and had just the right amount of sweetness that comes from the banana. Soft and fluffy, they were beautifully golden fried on both sides.

The yoghurt topping was there to help if you want to make the pancake a bit sour and if that doesn’t interest you, it also has organic honey smeared over the plate to sweeten it up. You can always munch on a few walnut bits for the extra flavour. It’s a plateful of good taste, health benefits and happiness.

This is the Spicy Quinoa Egg Fried Rice (Rs. 750) with the add-ons of egg (Rs. 50) and the extra chicken (Rs. 250) to make it an all-around exciting meal - as per the suggestion of at the counter. Oozing out with a nice spicy flavour, it went quite well with the brilliantly cooked pieces of chicken. You get plenty of it to enjoy with every bite.

It’s always a pleasure to see a rice dish that is not doused with oil, and this one was spot on. We’d prefer more thinly sliced carrots and the leaves here, but I think that it is supposed to be paired with a salad dish to make it a full blown meal.

The portion size is quite good, and while the quinoa (imported from Australia by the co-founder, as we were told) will do a fine job in filling you up, and giving you all that healthy fibre and protein.

The Vietnamese Chicken Slaw (Rs. 850) had a mixed mountain of peanuts, parsley, cucumber, carrot and well-marinated chicken pieces. The overall taste here was a fresh leafy crunch with a bit of sweet undertone, while the pepper helps to balance out the flavours with its blasting spiciness. However, we would have liked it better if they had gone easy on the pepper. Because if you aren't careful, these can rob you of your tastebuds for a good few minutes.

We got the Orange Juice (Rs. 400) to be on the safe side, but it turned out to be a questionable decision. The juice itself was made from fresh fruits, carried that delicious orange tang, with a little amount of pulp and a teeny tiny hint of saltiness. But, if you are expecting something in the realm of “ordinary” sweet orange juice, lacking the sugar would be a bit of a problem. Anyway, if you are in for a blast of vitamin c to shake you up, this is good.

Also, we can always commend the use of re-usable metallic straws as opposed to plastic disposables.

Service and Ambience

As we were told, the co-founder of the restaurant is present at all times in the kitchen and they seemed quite proud of their sourcing of fresh ingredients and maintaining it. 

While there is enough parking space on the premises, the seating space was quite limited - enough to accommodate around 6 people at a time. It isn’t necessarily the coolest place to be, especially during noon, but having an open ventilated area surely helps.


“Pure Kitchen” lives true to the healthy living concept, and we are glad. While the pricing might seem a tad on the expensive side, it’s healthy and delicious as it can get. If you are on the lookout for some healthy food paired with good taste, this will come about as a good option.


Try the Peanut Blast Smoothie.


Body Bar Gym, No.3 Jawatte Ave, Colombo 005