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110, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5

Push is the only store in Colombo dedicated to skateboard equipment and streetwear fashion - the shop is pretty neat and has its own little skating ramp.

Push is a creative little shop in Thimbirigasyaya Road that has everything a skateboarder needs. They've gained popularity from their Push Sk8 stall at the Good Market at Racecourse, and since then have been doing a great job at heading the skateboarding community in the big city. 

The skateboarding scene in Colombo is relatively very new - we were told that when Push just began as a team in 2012, there were just 4 or 5 people who came up to learn skateboarding, but today they've sold about 150 skateboards and trained about 100 people to skateboard. 

The Merchandise 

I love the skateboards they've got here - some of them are imported from the US while others are specially designed by the Push team. The designs are very quirky, colourful, and the best part is they also do custom skateboards if you have something in mind for your own skateboard. You also get accessories here to refurbish your board, and generally, a skateboard costs about Rs. 15K. 

They've got a small but lovely selection of tops, high quality and in quirky hipster-friendly patterns, a few even in tie-dye - in the Rs. 2000 range.

 The tshirts, all designed by the Push team, are my favourite part about the shop. They're crazy, funny and a lot of them have gorillas on them. They're quite affordable considering the quality of material, at Rs. 1300. 

They've got a small, awesome collection of shoes and this is one of the few places that I know has very fashionable footwear for men. They're obviously designer brand - but it just starts at Rs. 5000, which is not as bad as it could be. They've also got a few creative arty items in the store - right now they've got jewellery and other little things designed by Sunara. 

Ambience & Other Stuff

The shop is very pleasant, with smooth concrete floors, a skating ramp in the corner, colourful skateboards set up along the walls, a beanbag in the middle, and beautiful murals done by the Push team themselves. 

You can call these guys up if you want their funky murals done up somewhere, and if you're a noob, you can get them to train you at the Racecourse grounds for Rs. 1500 an hour (they provide you with the equipment for this). The whole program is run by Hash, a young skateboarder and her partner - you might find her at the store on your visit and she'll be glad to give you the 101 on skateboarding. 


Push is pretty great since they're the only shop you can go to in Colombo for anything skateboard-related. I've tried getting on a skateboard and you'd be surprised at how incredibly hard it is, so it's wonderful that there's a self-made community here that teaches people the art of the sport. If you want in, followtheir Facebook page for updates.


110, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5


It's right at the Jawatte Road-Thimbirigasyaya junction, next to Sen Saal.



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