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Quick Thai (Park Road)

Park Road, Colombo 05

Quick Thai now has a new outlet at Park Road. Their ambience is wonderful and the food's alright, too.

Quick Thai first set up shop at Battaramulla, which is a ways away. A drive past the threateningly alive and robust town of Rajagiriya to the very outskirts of the suburbs seems like a bit of a long journey for some Thai food. Might as well just go to Thailand. Or Krua Thai. 

All that hassle won't be a factor now that Quick Thai has set up shop at Park Road. Their branch has some ups and downs but I can safely tell you that their outdoor seating area is really pretty, and the food is alright.

The Food

Quick Thai's menu consists of the usual soups, pad Thai, exciting Thai desserts and so on. We got a tofu starter, some pad thai and a green curry so as to try and gauge an overall impression based on the most popular dishes. 

First up is the Chilli Garlic Tofu (Rs. 610). A hefty platter piled with chunks of batter-fried tofu, this isn't exactly tongue-sizzlingly spicy, but rather softly brings out the flavour of red chillis. The tofu was delicious, and for once it didn't have that rancid taste tofu usually tends to harbour. Chopped peanuts were scattered about to provide a light crunch. The Vegetable Pad Thai (Rs. 1165) was a downer. If you ordered the chicken counterpart, it'd be the exact same base with chunks of stir-fried chicken added in. But alas, the noodles were lacklustre in both flavour and mouthfeel, and remained somewhat reminiscent of fried noodles you can obtain from a saivar kadey. 

Chopped cabbage, carrot and spring onion do a rather shoddy job of providing any real texture to the dish. But the peanut dust provided on the side sort of salvaged the dish by adding an extra nutty note. 
The Green Curry Chicken (Rs. 975) is served with a side of Jasmine Rice. It's a generous portion with heaps of chicken swimming in its thick and viscous liquid base. 

While I've had far more potent green and red curries before, this particular dish was actually pretty good in itself. Lots of spring onions and green+red chillies are present. The gravy boasts a nice tang and a sharp smack of cilantro is present. Paired with the steamed jasmine rice, this is a pretty hearty dish. 

Drinks & Dessert

We stuck with two fruit juices, since they don't really have much else. You can pick from a selection of iced teas but the principal beverage - Thai Iced tea - was absent, much to our disappointment. 

Here is the Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango (Rs. 555). While the rice looks a bit unappetising, it comes garnished with cashews and a sultana or two. The mango slice border pretties it up sufficiently so.

The rice itself was deliciously coconutty and adequately sticky. Eat slow, and split it between two because it can get a bit sickening if you choose to give in to your rapturous urges and indulge by yourself. 

On the left is the Lime Juice with Mint (Rs. 650). It really boasts no specific speciality that makes it worth such a huge amount, but in terms of refreshment- it does the job. The mint is light, with the lime retaining its dominance.

The Watermelon Juice (Rs. 400) was deliciously refreshing and light. What else can I say, it was also extremely bright in its reddish hue. Perhaps ask them to take it easy on the ice lest your drinks get all watery.

Service & Ambience 

Service here is quite efficient and polite. The waiters are prompt, and if you choose to sit outside, they'll check on you every hour or so. They know their way around the menu, but if you ask them questions like 'what is the best tea to use in preparation of traditional Thai Iced Tea, they will not be able to provide you with an appropriate response. 
The seating area indoors is boring and stuffy. It's very straightforward sure, but the walls are beige and the furniture brown- which isn't really very exciting. Sit outside amidst the greenery and fairy lights, and enjoy your meal in the open.


While Quick Thai's Park Road outlet can certainly do with a few minuscule touch-ups, they're a good option for a family night out. 

Stick with the red or green curries, and don't smoke outside. 


Sit outside.


Park Road, Colombo 05


It's right opposite the Park Road Food City.


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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Noodles Seafood Fish Fruit Juice

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