Quick Thai (Colombo 7)

29A, Maitland Place, Colombo 07

Quick Thai serves up pretty good, filling Thai dishes at affordable prices.

Quick Thai is a reliable place for consistently good food. The prices aren't cheap, but portions are more than enough for two people and the food barely ever disappoints.

Service and Ambience

Perched on Maitland Crescent and overshadowed by the lush trees that blessedly line that road, Quick Thai has a basic dining area with wooden desks and benches for seating and plenty of natural lighting. The decor is simple, clean, and well-maintained.

We've been there a couple of times and both times had just one server running around. Tha's a bit short of staff for when the house is full, but they're quite efficient and do a good job. 

Food and Drink

Apparently, the Executive Lunch pack serves one, where as their regular meals are enough for two. Pro tip though, they're nearly both the same price, so you get better value for money by just picking the regular option. We started off with a Spicy and Sour Chicken Soup (Rs. 650) which was misleading in appearance — pale, swimming in boiled veggies and chicken, this looked as un-spicy as it could get. However it packed a punch of flavour and heat, had quite a bit of chillie swimming quietly around, and had a great lemongrass kick to it as well.

I went for a Beef Pad Thai with Dark Soy Sauce (Rs. 600) which was quite satisfactory. It was the exec lunch pack, but was still a lot for one person (or maybe because this was because I'd souped up earlier).  The noodles were well done and full of flavour, the strips of beef also immensely flavoursome, but more like jerky and less juicy, chunky strips.

Our other dish was a Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 680). Yes, rather pricey for fried rice, but again it's enough for two to three people to be honest. The rice was moist and sticky, it had adequate amounts of chicken in it. Nothing much to write home about though.

Their juice options are interesting, and very very strong. We tried the Lime and Sprite (Rs. 370) and the fresh Tamarind Juice (Rs. 395), both which could knock you out with their flavour.

The Lime and Sprite had plenty of acidic lime to it and I liked it, though my friend found it too strong for his liking. My tamarind juice was superbly done in the sense that it wasn't overpoweringly sour, and had some kithul treacle sweetness in it too. However it was way too strong for me to finish so yeah, that went nearly untouched.


Good food, friendly service, and a nice location. Maybe don't get adventurous with the drinks, and just stick to the food.


Seafood lovers, go for the batter fried prawns.


29A, Maitland Place, Colombo 07


It's down Maitland Place past Perera & Sons and just opposite the Colombo Cricket Club Ground.