Quick Thai (Colombo 7)

29A, Maitland Place, Colombo 07

Quick Thai serves up pretty good, filling Thai dishes at affordable prices.

Quick Thai serves good Thai food [Editor's Note: MIND BLOWN]. Although it might not be as flawless or authentic as Royal Thai, the food is still pretty great considering how affordable it is. They've also got a popular branch in Battaramulla

The Food

We love the seafood here, and the red curries - we tried both vegetable and beef red curries. Our Thai basil chicken fried rice was kind of awesome at just Rs. 650, with plenty of cuttlefish, prawns and good seasoning. The Thai curries here come in large dishes, thick, milky and with that strong hint of lemongrass. This is actually a great stop for tasty, filling vegetarian curries (a rarity in Colombo). 

We also got the Thai omelet (Rs. 400) which featured deep fried egg that we couldn't finish - a pretty oily dish if you're looking to eat something heavier than the typically subtle Thai meal. 

Call me easy to please but I was a huge fan of this simple plate of batter fried prawns (Rs. 725). The prawns were juicy and irresistible with the side of chilli sauce. We went for the sticky rice and mango for dessert (Rs. 400) and it was alright. 

Service & Ambience

The ambience here is actually way nicer than at Quick Thai's Battaramulla branch. There's an outdoor space that looks out on busy Maitland Place but the upstairs is cosier with simple wooden furniture, a tatami theme and light streaming through a wide window. Service was good when we were there, with dishes coming on time and very polite waiters, although it has to be said we haven't been here during the restaurant's busy hours. 


We really like the food here - it keeps with the wonderful seasoning of Thai recipes, the portions are good, and the damage to your wallet isn't much, considering a filling dish costs less than 1000 bucks here. It's a decent choice if you're out with a group and looking for affordable Thai food. 


Seafood lovers, go for the batter fried prawns.


29A, Maitland Place, Colombo 07


It's down Maitland Place past Perera & Sons and just opposite the Colombo Cricket Club Ground.