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Rancrisp Cashews (Crescat)

89, Galle Rd, Colombo 03

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Rancrisp Cashews sells OG and flavoured cashews.

Be it raw, roasted, salted or flavoured, cashews are the perfect snack to have in between meals. It comes packing a whole bunch of vitamins, minerals and has an incredible flavour. 
 Rancrisp Cashews is one of the places in Colombo that you can grab a packet of some good old kaju. They've got some interesting flavour range, which is why we decided to drop by their outlet at Crescat Boulevard. 

The Cashews

We got the 100g kaju packets, but you'll be able to buy the bottled ones (160g, 450g, 800g) too. The prices vary on the flavour you get.

Out of the wide array of flavours available (devilled, salted, and curry leaves etc.), we picked three - Nice & Spicy (Rs. 420), Cheese & Onion (Rs. 420), and Sugar Coated (Rs. 432).
This flavour lives up to its name - Nice & Spicy. True, it's spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. There was a tinge of saltiness to it which nicely balanced out the flavours of these chilli-kissed cashews. Oh! This was an interesting one - the Cheese & Onion. Everyone loves cheese, and adding onion to it makes it more delicious, which is why this combo is a favourite of many. These perfectly roasted cashews were gently nudged with cheese seasoning, which was the dominating flavour at play, along with hints of onion coming through. We loved this! 

The Sugar Coated Cashews gets our full points too. They've gone really easy on the icing, so the crunch and the milky flavour of the cashews aren't lost. 


Rancrisp Cashews inside Crescat Boulevard is hard to miss. It's right next to the escalator on the Ground floor. 

The ladies behind the shelves were quite nice. You just have to point out the flavours you want, and they'll quickly put them together for you. 


Cashews are loved by anyone - unless you're allergic to nuts. And with a whole range of innovative flavours, Rancrisp makes us love them even more.


89, Galle Rd, Colombo 03



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