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Randoli Sports Club

88, Kirula Road, Colombo 05

A good drink, bites and lively conversation all tucked away in Colombo 5 – this is really the club for Colombo’s gentlemen of class and distinction.

Randoli Sports Club has moved from its classic location on Fife Road to a lesser known spot on Kirula Road. They've still got that welcomingly dodgy vibe and tasty food to go along with the usual repertoire of alcohol.

Ambience & Service

For a time we were worried that Randoli might have closed up for good since their location on Fife Road was vacant. Thankfully, they've resurfaced on a less central location down Kirula Road just past the Chithra Lane turnoff. The new place is basically an old(ish) house that fits the bill perfectly with a dodgy yet welcoming feel. The good thing is that the new location has plenty of seating. Most of the spaces are cooled by fans but they do have an air conditioned area on the upper floor.

The service is very fast for the most part with all our food being ready within 10 minutes of ordering. Oddly enough preparing the bill was what took the longest. The waiters are efficient although it's quite apparent that they had limited *insert appropriate word* to give. That being said, they aren't disrespectful.

The Food & Drinks

Randoli's menu mostly revolves around Sri Lankanized Asian dishes. Prices are actually not all that cheap with the bill for two coming to around Rs. 2400, although the portion could have been shared among three. One thing to note is that most of their dishes tend to be on the spicy side, so we'd suggest grabbing a cool beer to go along with it.

Unfortunately for us their beer was all out when we dropped in for lunch, so we proceeded to make the worst mistake of our lives by ordering their cheap wine (Rs. 300 per glass). We were just curious, but this was by far the worst wine we've every tasted. Just stick to the beer and spirits.

For carbs you've got a choice of rice (mostly different fried rice) and noodles. We tried out the Randoli special fried rice (Rs. 795) which is a mixed fried rice with chicken, beef, pork, prawns and cuttlefish topped with some caramelized onions. This was actually better than most fried rices we've had, with a ton of meats and seafood mixed in and a good balance of seasoning .

The pork in hot garlic sauce (Rs. 600) was prepared like a devilled curry with a good amount of diced garlic thrown in. This one will definitely appeal to most locals' taste buds, since it has that nice kick of chili to go along with the flavour of the garlic. The pork itself was cooked through well with mostly meat and very few fat pieces. All of it working very well together.

We also tried out the Randoli special prawns (Rs. 745) which was basically crumb-fried prawns served with a kochchi miris dip. The prawns were pretty good, although it was a pretty simple preparation, but the batter was crunchy, lightly seasoned and not too thick.

The real winner here was that kochchi miris dip which was so spicy, but also just so good. This will most likely make you sweat bullets and tear up, but you'll find yourself going back for more. The flavours are intense but very distinct with a slight tanginess to counter balance all the heat.


Their location may have changed but the core values at Randoli remain the same. Slightly Dodgy setting, tasty Sri Lankan food and of course the booze.


Do not order the wine.


88, Kirula Road, Colombo 05


Randoli is on Kirula Road, just a few meters passed Chitra Lane, just before the Department of Survey.


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Open 10.00 AM - 11.00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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