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Nana's (Galle Face)

Galle Face Drive, Colombo 3

Nana's is the premier dining venue on Colombo’s premier public space, the Galle Face Green. This tented kade is a favourite for kottu and BBQed seafood.

Nana's is well known as the place to dine at when you're at Galle Face Green. Our last review was of Rauf Nana's, while this time we had our dinner at Toyna Nana's - there are three Nanas on this stretch, all pretty much serving the same fare.

Nana's actually goes back all the way to 1987, and according to our tuk-tuk guy from the area, was started by a man fondly called 'Nana' by all ('big brother' in Tamil), in Slave Island. The original Nana is apparently no more, and the name has been taken over by others like Toyna and Rauf from the same neighborhood. Our tuk guy also claimed that Nana's nephew was the guy who kick-started Slave Island's famed Burgers King - a fascinating tale of family entrepreneurship that we must investigate on another day! 

Ambience & Service

The Nana tents are easy to spot on the Galle Face rampart. They open up at 4.00PM and you'll find people relaxing here on the plastic chairs and enjoying a good plate of kottu or barbecued seafood all the way up to about 1 in the morning.

It's pretty much a tented kade, and with the harbour and street lights on one end and the waves crashing on the other, it's actually got great ambience if you're here with your friends. It is one of the few places in the city to chill at late at night, loved by both tourists and locals alike. Service is the same as you would get at any kade, with typically very fast paced, efficient waiters and an extremely harried looking kitchen staff. 

The Food

We got ourselves a chicken kottu of course, a staple at Nana's. For just Rs. 250, the kottu is good, comes in a large portion, a little salty, with thin light strips of rotti, lots of indistinct slices of meat, and a heaping of dry chilli paste on the side. It isn't the best kottu in town, but definitely does a great job when you've got the munchies. 

Nana's also has a grill ready for barbecuing your favourite meats, and there's a wide range of meats to pick from. I personally think this is a great place to have a quick, meaty dish without spending too much. We got the BBQ prawns, which is four big ones for 300 bucks, priced a little too much perhaps - comes with a bit of lettuce, onion rings and tomato sauce. This was yummy, hot and covered in a bit of pepper and seasoning for spice, and with that very faint charred flavour from being taken off the grill. 

My favourite dish was however the devilled crab. For just Rs. 250, you get two delicious crabs soaked in a sweet and spicy gravy of onions, tomatoes and a few complementary veggies tossed together. The crab shell was thankfully light and easy to break, and the meat inside was tender, tasty and sweet. And actually this gravy would go great with a bit of roti or paan. 


Nana's is one way to spend a late night in Colombo with a few good friends. The food is good, service is fast, and it isn't too pricey - about Rs. 300-400 for a hefty meal and soft drink. If you like the outdoors and the combined ambience of kite-sellers, street lights and the ocean breeze, this is a fun place to enjoy tasty, local street food. 


Pour the devilled cuttlefish over the the prawn and chicken combo kottu, works every time.


Galle Face Drive, Colombo 3


Galle Face Green is towards the Fort end of Kollpity, opposite the Taj hotel. Walk down the rampart for a few minutes and you'll see Nana's tent.


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Open 4.00PM to 2.00AM


Street Food

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Kottu Shawarma

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