57, Hospital Street, 00100 Colombo, Sri Lanka

The RePubLk has come through steadily since they opened a few years go. The quality of their food and drinks have managed to stay the same, but somehow they aren't as great as they used to be.

A new upscale pub in the home of upscale pubs that is the area around Dutch Hospital. 



You walk right into the middle of a typical chic colombo bar scene, clean stark surfaces, a huge fashionable bar and the lasting impression of feeling like a fancy man. There was a real inclusion of some beautiful rustic structures; one rough ashy cement wall opposing an open brick wall with indented archways, old metal pipes that made up the booze shelves, imposing heavy wooden doors.

But all these unpolished elements didn’t really downplay the sheer swankiness of the place, instead it just added to that chic rudimentary style. The high ceiling made the bar really spacious and there was a variety of seating, bar stools and bar tables for the drunkies but also lower tables and comfy chairs for the more serious diners and larger groups. 



The menu was composed entirely of starters, very much like a tapas menu but grabbing little treats from all around the world. There were some Lankan classics, like Hot butter Cuttlefish and some other Asian specialities and even a few Spanish appearances. Each of the starters was about Rs. 600.

We sampled Chicken Momos, fleshy dumplings that came with a fiery sauce in a traditional bamboo steam box, pork sliders and Hot Butter cuttlefish served in a little silver thatchiya. The presentation highlighted the diversity of the menu itself. Hands down the dumplings were the best, the cuttlefish could nestle comfortably among better ones I've tried, crispy and spicy. 

You’re kinda fascinated when you see Arrack Rainbow Blast on the dessert menu, but it’s best to just go with your conventional impulses and keep arrack in the cocktail. Overall, the menu was concise enough to not be overwhelming while still offering good variety.



We went for some of the classics, Rebublican Arrack Sours (Rs.600) , a Perfect Gin Glass, and a Long Island (Rs. 800), which is just sophisticated cocktail code for Arrack n’ Lime, Gin n’ Tonic and coke with a buttload of white liquor. The gin and arrack were particularly sharp and refreshing. There were some other fruity colourful options like mango margarita that sound really interesting. 



For such a fashionable imposing atmosphere, the staff were helpful, our waiter and even the manager coming up often to check up on our experience. Our waiter was familiar with the menu and really friendly when offering up information about the food and drinks. Overall, we had a very pleasant experience. 


57, Hospital Street, 00100 Colombo, Sri Lanka


On Hospital Road (behind Dutch), where Browns used to be.



Closed right now

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Alcoholic Beer Cocktails Bites



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