Red Dot Geek

First Floor, Liberty Arcade, Colombo 03

Sri Lanka's first ever comic bookstore

Sri Lanka's first comic bookstore opened few weeks ago. Red Dot Geek, which started as an online business, now sells its extensive selection of comics and collectibles of all sorts in few square feet on the first floor of the quiet Liberty Arcade.

These superheroes save comic fans time browsing online for hard to find books and money on exorbitant shipping cost, or plane tickets even.

What's Inside?

The small shop displays stacks of comics from the Big 2 (i.e. Marvel and DC, you comics newbies) and other publishers like Dark Horse, Image or IDW. They also have Sri Lankan comics like Lionborn and Firethorn. They stock a very limited selection of mangas as well, including a few Naruto and Yurara titles.

Most of the books here are superheroes or fantasy related. No Tintin, Asterix and Obelix and only a few "slice of life" graphic novels to be seen, which are more of my things. Are they considered sacrilegious in the geek community? 

The comics come covered with a plastic film. People with OCD will be thankful. 

Price wise, Red Dot Geek is very reasonable. Single issues are somewhere between Rs. 650 and Rs. 800 each, trade paperbacks about Rs. 2,000 and hardcovers from Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000+ for bigger publications.

They also sell collectibles ranging from statues (Rs. 4,300), posters (Rs. 400), 24" X 36" framed Marvel posters (Rs. 6,000) to geek type of jewellery, if you're into this.

Service & Ambience

Passionate about comics himself, the owner is a friendly fellow who's very keen to have a chat with his customers. If superhero comics or comics in general are not your things or if you're interested in getting into the geek movement, he'll make you at ease and be more than happy to answer all your questions and to give you some useful advice. 

Don't hesitate to ask him for titles or items you can't find in his store, he'll probably be able to bring them down for you.

Red Dot Geek is also super active on Facebook, regularly posting about new arrivals, pre orders and events so make sure you keep an eye on their page


Red Dot Geek is heaven for superhero comics and all things geeky. It’s also a great spot for geeks of all walks of life to meet or for newbies to come and learn about this discreet but growing community in a friendly and relax atmosphere.


Don't leave without having a chat with the owner, he'll most probably have good suggestions for you or at least some interesting news to share.


First Floor, Liberty Arcade, Colombo 03


On the first floor of Liberty Arcade


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