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No 104, Pepiliyana Road, Nugegoda

Rodrigo's is a bakery that does good short-eats, which is ideal for the quick grub on the go.

Rodrigo's is a new bakery in Pepiliyana, which is ideal for your quick grub on the go. It's been only a couple of months since the opening, and from what we gathered, they're already a spot buzzing with tuition kids, residents and the office folks who pass by.

Food & Drinks

It was only 8.00 AM on a weekday when we dropped by, and the first thing we noticed was the almost empty shelves. They sell out fast but the restocking process seems to take a bit of time. 

So out of the few options available, we tried a Vegetable Roll (Rs. 70), a Beef Roll (Rs. 100), a Bacon & Egg Pie (Rs. 160), a Fish Bun (Rs. 70) and a slice of Pyramid Cake (Rs. 110). 

*Pictured above - Vegetable Roll and Bacon & Egg Pie

Rodrigo's is quite generous with the fillings in their savoury goodies, and this Bacon and & Egg Pie is enough proof of that. Packed to the brim with a mixture of egg, chicken bacon, leeks, potato and onions, its pastry had a nice crisp to the bite and flaked off to buttery, puffy pieces so beautifully.

However, the bacon-to-other stuff ratio was a bit off here. We hardly got the bacon taste in this, as it was overpowered by the rest of the stuff in the filling. 

The Vegetable Roll featured bits of carrot, cabbage and a dash of pepper alongside some mayo, all stuffed in a perfectly crispy roll. It wasn't bad, but some potato and onions would have added more depth to the flavour profile. A better filling could be spotted in the Beef Roll. Hidden amidst a blend of potato and leeks, it had plenty of beefiness to it. We would have liked it better if they had gone easy on the salt - it was a bit too much. 
A Fish Bun with actual fish is a rare sight, which is why we're pleasantly surprised with this one. Lavished with mackerel, it was fishy, garlicky, slightly spicy and absolutely flavoursome. The bun itself was soft, while the filling covers every inch of its inner pocket. 
A tad dry in texture, incredibly sweet, and not quite chocolatey, we weren't the biggest fans of Rodrigo's Pyramid Cake. 

*Pictured above - Iced Coffee (left) and Lime Juice (right)

Our drinks order was comprised of an Iced Coffee (Rs. 90) and a Lime Juice (Rs. 90). Both of them were well-executed, especially Iced Coffee. With strong hints of chocolate emerging through its well-chilled, fluffy milk, it's a refreshing treat on a sunny Colombo day. 

Deliciously citrusy and not watered down, the lime juice was good too. A little less sugar would have made it perfect. 

Ambience & Service

Rodrigo's is quite spacious with cushioned wooden seats and tables, easily enough to accommodate around 30 customers at a time. The takeaway option seems popular, but we can guarantee that it's a place that you can drop by and enjoy a meal at peace. 

It's pretty much self-service here. You place your order from the counter, pay and collect it at the same time, and bring the plates to your table. 


Our experience at Rodrigo's had its moments, but they certainly can improve to make it even more interesting. They've got a very good space down one of the most residential areas in Colombo, and with the right direction, they're looking at a successful customer base.


No 104, Pepiliyana Road, Nugegoda


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