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Roo's Deli

No22, 3rd Cross Lane, Ratmalana - North

A home-based chef who makes some great lamprais, among other things.

A home-based venture in Ratmalana, Roo's Deli whips up a range of awesome delicacies, including some of the best lamprais we've had to date. We've been eyeing on their Instagram feed for quite some time now, while holding our cravings back, as they're mostly focused on bulk orders. 
Fortunately, it doesn't apply to their lamprais, so come one fine weekday we decided to take a trip to Ratmalana to grab a couple of packs. 

How To Order

Aside from lamprais, Roo's Deli has a vast menu with some interesting artisan pasta, ribs, roasts, curries, biriyani, ravioli and desserts. 

When it comes to ordering lamprais, you can simply give a call to 077 777 8779 before 9.00 AM and place the order. They do their own delivery, which is entitled to a delivery fee, but you can pick them up from their place in Ratmalana too.

The Lamprais

We got two parcels of lamprais - Mixed Meat (Rs. 665) and Chicken (Rs. 615); both with eggs. You can opt for the eggless version of them as well. 

Wafting a strong aroma of curry, spices and all its glory wrapped in a piece of banana leaf, the Chicken Lamprais featured a good serving of chicken, ash plantain, brinjal moju, a boiled egg, a dollop of seeni sambol and two chicken meatballs. 

At first glance, the banana leaf looked a bit oily but from the inside, it wasn't. The chicken-stock cooked rice was sticky and incredibly flavourful, while the tender chunks of chicken seemed to have wrapped in a chockful of spices enriching its flavour to the next level.

With a little bit of sweetness drawn from seeni sambol and brinjal moju, along with the tinge of creaminess contributed by ash plantain, everything came in together in the perfect harmony to create an irresistible ensemble of flavours. The homemade chicken meatballs were a brilliant addition; which made the whole thing meatier and better.

A medley of chicken and pork was spotted in the Mixed Meat Lamprais. Smothered with spices, it was simply delicious as well. 


Roo's Deli does one of the best takes on lamprais we've seen in Colombo, and we're absolutely happy that we got our hands on them. We do wish if there was a way to get them delivered whenever we feel like it, so we're keeping our fingers crossed!


No22, 3rd Cross Lane, Ratmalana - North


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