Roti Cafe by the Travelling KOMBI

78A, Pamankada Road, Kirulapana

A cute cafe down Pamankada Road that dishes out some delicious rotis in many interesting ways.

Roti Cafe by the Travelling KOMBI is a stall that I always make sure to stop by, whenever I’m at a food festival down Green Path or Hospital Street. Now that they've got their own cafe, I couldn't be happier. Their specialty is roti, and they make very good ones paired with some great curries/fillings.     

We dropped in for a late lunch, without knowing that they're closed at that hour, but one look at my hungry face and they were kind enough to open their cafe for us.


You have the option to choose the type of roti (godamba, naan, parata, pol roti and tortilla) and a sweet or savoury filling of your choice. 

We got the Creamy Prawn with Tortilla (Rs. 450), which comes with succulent prawns cooked in light creamy sauce, and we loved it. It had around ten well-cooked prawns, chewy, and adequately peppery, with a hint of garlic.

While the flavors of tomato and creamy sauce nicely emerged through the filling, the abundance of crunchy lettuce added a really nice fresh feel to it. Although, we wish if the tortilla was already cut into pieces, because it's not easily cut through from the knife they gave us.

Packed with fresh herbs and flavor, the Beef Keema with Naan (Rs. 390) at The Roti Cafe is a must try. The filling was absolutely delicious with strong notes of curry, which did not overpower the fresh, beefy taste.

The naan roti itself had a subtle crunch to it, and at the same time its texture was slightly buttery, and tender to touch.

All of the savoury dishes are served with a handful of crispy prawn papad, which gives an extra crunchy addition to munch on. 

On the sweet side of things, we opted for the Peach & Cream Crêpe (Rs. 350) and it delivered. While the crêpe was fluffy, deliciously crispy and generously buttery, it was well-stuffed with whipped cream and homemade peach jam, making for a decadent dessert.

There was a good consistency in the whipped cream they use, and it wasn't too sweet as well. The sweet and powerful aroma that comes from the cinnamon garnishment made this dish irresistible.


As for drinks, we got a Hot Chocolate (Rs. 390) and a Virgin Mojito (Rs. 250).

The hot chocolate did not have the thick texture that we hoped for, but it was quite alright. It had a good chocolatey aroma, balanced with the milkiness and sweetness in the right balance.

The virgin mojito on the other hand was quite a steal. It was limey, minty, refreshing and everything you look for in a good virgin mojito.

Service & Ambience

This place is handled by some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. They're friendly, knowledgable and more than happy to assist you with useful tips and recommendations while ordering your food. With lots of genuine smiles, they made us feel welcome.

While this place has both indoor and outdoor dining, it is brightened up with lots of color and light, making for a cute and cozy cafe. Some of their tables are made out of sewing machines, and there's also a couch and a few other tables allowing around 20 people to fit in just fine.

Anyway, my biggest attraction was this gorgeous Kombi they've parked outside.  

There's also a book shelf in the corner, if you'd like to have a read while indulging their delicious roti. 


What can we say? We loved it, and we totally recommend it! I really hope they'd keep up their current standards, because they're looking at a very good customer base in the long run. 


78A, Pamankada Road, Kirulapana



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