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Fish & Chips Ella

Main Road, Ella.

Fish & Chips is popular for what its namesake indicates. They're a simple eatery, with a good ambiance.

Fish & Chips a small spot that's easy to miss, but is occupied by many a backpacker and tourist alike. They sit by the front, cradling their beers and daydreaming wistfully of all the magic that Ella has to offer, probably. You can do this, too!

The Food

Brace yourselves for a short review. We didn't stick around much as the day was demanding, and the schedule was tight. So we decided on two basic dishes to help sustain our systems throughout the day. The menu consists of proper Western meal options, but we thought we'd play it safe and not be too extravagant about our choices. 

Sure we didn't order any Fish and Chips, but I suppose we'll do that the next time we visit.

I'm usually quite sceptical of places like this on account of my many close calls with food poisoning, but the food here was surprisingly fresh. 
Plus the portions are large, too!

A portion of fries was ordered. This is a large dish of freshly fried packaged chips, well salted and steaming hot. There's not much else to say aside from the fact that they got the colour right. The edges were brown and crispy and to our delight, we got quite the large portion.
This lasted well after we'd finished with our rice. Also, lots of browned and crunchy bits to go around hooray. Costs Rs. 350-400.
The Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 350 - 400) was great, too. There was a load of light and dark meat, scrambled eggs, scallions and carrots. We especially enjoyed the balance between the rice and the add-ons; both elements were balanced out perfectly 50:50, so you get a satisfactory taste of all the elements in a single bite. Very good. 

This one came served with a big bowl of chicken gravy on the side, and some chilli paste. The gravy was savoury and complemented the rice, although I chose to abstain. 

Service & Ambience 

One of the things we quite liked about this spot was the service. The waiters are friendly, quiet and somewhat scarce. If you choose to sit upstairs, they'll check on you every ten minutes or so. 
The ambience was the best part of this experience. The ground floor is very popular, but there are a dozen or so vans parked directly in front so you can't actually enjoy any sort of view. I guess that's the idea.

Choose to sit on the top floor. Across the road is the Centre Point cafe which I am mentioning because they really need to train their staff better. Those dudes stand outside and peep at you from across the road pointing and snapping the odd photo or two. If you can handle this, then the rest is just breezy.


This place pretty much blends into obscurity compared to all the other hip and happening spots in the area. We recommend it if you're dining on a budget, or aren't considering the culinary area of Ella as a factor in your trip.


Main Road, Ella.


It's right next to the popular Cafe Chill.


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Sri Lankan Sri Lankan Chinese

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Kottu Fried Rice

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