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Round Island

20, Shady Grove Avenue, Castle Street, Colombo 08

Round Island is a new restaurant that serves some kickass Modha (AKA Barramundi/Asian Sea Bass) dishes!

Round Island is a relatively new seafood joint down Shady Grove Avenue. Their specialty is barramundi (Asian sea bass), also known as modha.


Round Island's menu consists of 7 items, and modha is the key element in all of them. We opted for their Crumb Fried Modha (Rs. 670) and Poached Modha (Rs. 510). Both dishes were accompanied by mash potatoes, buttered vegetables and salad.

The poached modha was a real winner. We were given a slice of perfectly filleted modha, which was incredibly soft and well seasoned. It came with a tangy lemon butter sauce that complemented the fish well. Initially the sauce was an acquired taste, but we found that we actually like it because it balances out all the flavours in the dish.

The crumb fried modha was delicious, and soft with a crunchy exterior. The best part was that it wasn't soaking in oil, unlike a few other places we've been to. This came with tartar sauce, which was rich and went well with the fish. 

The mash potatoes were creamy and just amazing, we wanted more! It was seasoned well and not at all lumpy. The buttered vegetables were good too, a handful of chopped carrots, bell peppers and beans with a light, warm coat of butter and salt. The salad on the other hand, acted as more of a garnish because it didn't add much to the dish in terms of flavour.

Service and Ambiance 

Being the brilliant fellows we are, we walked into their in-house fish store thinking it was the restaurant and we were utterely confused, but thankfully we found our way out. While on the topic though, Round Island has a supply of farm fresh barramundi, which goes at Rs.1075 per kilogram. They also deliver! 

While the property in itself is quite big, the space reserved for the restaturant is small- with two tables inside and two outside. The staff was friendly and service was swift. The manager came and spoke to us about the shop and how they're still at the initial stages so haven't begun advertising. It also explains why they only have 4 tables- because they intend on expanding and improving their services.


We enjoyed our experience at Round Island. The food was great, the prices were reasonable and the staff was friendly. We reccommend you come and check this place out!


They deliver fresh, uncooked Modha/Barramundi/Asian Sea Bass!


20, Shady Grove Avenue, Castle Street, Colombo 08


Turn in to Shady Grove Avenue and head straight down.



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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Seafood Fish Fish And Chips



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