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Round Island

20, Shady Grove Avenue, Castle Street, Colombo 08

Round Island is a new restaurant that serves some kickass Modha (AKA Barramundi/Asian Sea Bass) dishes!

Living on an island surrounded by ravishing beaches has a bunch of perks. Having the pleasure of indulging in some of the freshest seafood is one of them. 
Fisheries play a vital role in Sri Lanka's economy and social lives from a very long time, and Round Island by Oceanpick is a venture built around this. Crafting up some delicious Barramundi/Modha-based dishes, from the freshest produce that they harvest from their own fish plantations in Trincomalee, they have been around since 2011.


It's been awhile (2 years) since our last visit to Round Island, and back then their menu had more items. Now it's limited to just a few - but we were happy to observe the same good quality and flavour in them. Plus, you can purchase fresh Barramundi from their maalu laalla too. 

Encased in a light, well-seasoned, golden-fried batter coating, Round Island's take on Fish & Chips is one of the best, and affordable ones we've come across so far. Clocking in at Rs. 590, this one featured seven Barramundi sticks, and the sides of ketchup, tartar sauce and French fries. 

The fish itself was succulent, cooked through, almost creamy-like and was not in the least bit oily. They've gone easy on the density of the coating, which helps the flavour of the fish without any interruption while flaking off to chunks so beautifully. The tang added by the tartar sauce and the sweetness of the ketchup did a good job in balancing out the flavours. 

We had our eye on the Seared Barramundi with Garlic Rice, but unfortunately, it wasn't available as they had already sold out. Therefore, we settled for a large portion of Fish Popcorn (Rs. 450). This is essentially the same thing as Fish & Chips, but in smaller pieces. 

Ambience & Service

The indoor seating premises that they used to have is no more, except they have this semi-indoor space with a few wooden tables, chairs and a couple of fans. They don't get a lot of dine-in orders - from what we gathered, most of the orders go through Uber Eats. However, we were told that they are working on revamping the dine-in space within the next 2-3 months. 

In terms of service, the staff was quite helpful. It was raining cats and dogs, and they offered us their office space - so we can enjoy our meal without getting wet. 


From the freshness of the seafood to the flavours and the quality of preparation, Round Island is a solid spot to cure your modha cravings. We sincerely hope that they'd add a few more varieties on to the menu while setting up the dine-in area, so we can sit down properly and have more delicacies to munch on. 


They deliver fresh, uncooked Modha/Barramundi/Asian Sea Bass!


20, Shady Grove Avenue, Castle Street, Colombo 08


Turn in to Shady Grove Avenue and head straight down.



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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Seafood Fish Fish And Chips



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