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Royal Thai (Cinnamon Lakeside)

Cinnamon Lakeside, 115 Sir Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 2

Royal Thai is a great celebratory option. With delicious food and impeccable service, it's definitely one of Colombo's reigning dining royalty.

Royal Thai remains the reigning king of Thai food in Colombo. Although the original chef has left the establishment, the food and ambience here is still top notch. It's my new personal favourite for a fully satisfying dinner.

The Food

We went for some prawn cakes for starters, the seafood pad thai, cuttlefish and beef red curry. The portions are pretty generous, but note that your bill can easily go up to Rs. 6000 for two, if you order wisely we think you can get away with Rs. 4000 for two, which is amazing considering the quality of your dinner.

The prawn cakes came batter-fried and succulent - perfect, but gone in a few minutes, and five pieces for Rs. 1400 is a lot. We'd suggest you skip starters, as yummy as they are, if you're concerned about your budget. If not, then ball out and enjoy yourself, they're tasty.

The pad thai featured a generous heaping of flavorful flat noodles, egg, tofu, veggies and chunks of seafood. It was a perfect mix of flavours, sweet, salty, spicy - rich and filling, and we still had an extra portion left at the end of our meals. The cuttlefish was great too, not rubbery as most places tend to prepare it, spicily accompanied with peppers and a sweet sauce.

The winner was however the beef red curry - you cannot go wrong ordering this, the meat was tender and there's a lovely juicy explosion of lemongrass as you bite into it and a fragrant emphasis on coconut in the thick gravy.

Service & Ambience

I love the interior decor at Royal Thai, everything from the ceramic plates on the walls to the faint sound of stringed Thai instruments to the cutlery. It's a very soothing, well thought-out space, with wood carved and woven partitions and a classy touch of Thai decor. It can get quite full, however, so be sure to make reservations. Service was excellent while we were served our drinks and meals, but unfortunately they forgot about us afterwards, and we had to call the waiters several times to remind them about the bill.


Royal Thai is one of those rare places where almost everything you order is going to be delicious, whether you have a thing for Thai food or not. I finished my meal and was like I want to go hug the chef. The experience is somewhat expensive but not unreasonably so, considering the quality of ingredients. If you're in the mood for tasty Thai cuisine or just a good group celebration, we'd recommend Royal Thai.


Order with caution if you're allergic to peanuts. The Thai desserts are also worth a try.


Cinnamon Lakeside, 115 Sir Chittampalam A. Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo 2


Cinnamon Lakeside is between Lake House and the Air Force HQ. Enter the lobby and head towards the left wing to get to the restaurant.


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Open 12.00PM to 2.30PM, 7.00PM to 12.00AM


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