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Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society

No : 66 , Rawatawatte Road Moratuwa

Sarvodaya Suwasetha promotes and protects the rights of children, adolescents, youth, elders and persons with disabilities

The Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa (SSS) began when a father of two walked into the office of Sarvodaya with his two children. One child was a malnourished four-year-old and the other child was his ten-month-old baby. The mother had died at childbirth. He wanted to give up the children because he could not take care of them. That was way back in 1975. 

Today, SSS works extensively with orphaned and abandoned children. The work extends to taking care of malnourished babies. Their Nutrition Center for Infants provides medical care, clinical services and nutrition for acutely malnourished infants. The center provides 25 children with a balanced nutritious diet, medicine and vitamins, regular medical examinations, clothing and play material, health and hygiene care.

Residential care is also provided at the Leela Jayasekera Memorial Transit Home in Lunawa, Moratuwa for 20 children between the ages of  3 to 5. This home provides transit care for children until they are handed over to their guardians or transferred to other homes. SSS maintains two houses in Balapitiya and Baddegama for boys who have been victims of various social problems and abuse. The organization also runs four homes in Akuressa, Bataganvila, Kosgama and Wariyapola for girls between the ages of 5 to 18 years who have been victims of various social problems and abuse.

The home for the differently abled has eight residents living under their care. Most of them are immobile and dependent on wheelchairs. The residents engage in activities such as handicrafts, sewing, religious activities and other hobbies.

They also run elders homes to take care of the elderly who have no family to look after them, or if their families are unable to look them due to economic situations. These homes provide emotional care and basic living necessities.

Apart from the above projects, they run vocational training centres and rehabilitation centres, as well as provide relief during natural disasters.

To donate towards the work of SSS contact:

Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society LTD
Bank of Ceylon, Idama, Moratuwa.
C/A No 682001

Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society LTD (Used for overseas contributions)
National Development Bank, Colombo 2.
C/A No. 101180000047
Bank Code : 7214

Photos courtesy of Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa.


No : 66 , Rawatawatte Road Moratuwa



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