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Saving Sri Lanka's Street Dogs - Dogstar Foundation

80 B Poroutha Road, Beach Road, Etthukala, Negombo

Transforming animal welfare in Sri Lanka

Street dogs and cats have it rough. The struggle is to merely survive as they face abuse, disease and starvation. Luckily in Sri Lanka we have a whole host of compassionate individuals and communities willing to put their neck out to save stray animals and give them a comfortable existence during the short span of years they live. One such community is located all the way in Negombo.

It all started with a dog named Mango and Samantha Green, a young lady visiting Sri Lanka on a break. Mango is the dog that Samatha Green treated at a rural Temple courtyard she happened to pass one fine day. The dog had multiple skin conditions that needed dire attention and this kind lady took it upon herself to treat Mango back to health. That's how the Dogstar Foundation began. 

If you are like Samantha and your heart literally goes out to every tick infested, ailing, mangy furball on the street, then you my dear friend are reading the right article. 

What does Dogstar Foundation Do?

The Dogstar Foundation located in Negombo engages in neutering stray cats and dogs. To date their mobile spay neuter outreach programs have sterilised 15,000 animals curbing the contribution to the overpopulation of stray animals on the streets. Every animal sterilised is also rabies vaccinated. The dogs are then microchipped. This microchip holds data of every spay, neuter surgery, age of the animal, fender ownership and other details on the Mission Rabies Mobile Phone App.

The Dogstar Foundation not only treats stray animals, they also create awareness amongst children and adults. Teaching children how to interact with animals safely where rabies is present saves human lives and makes the community safer for everyone,  dog bites and the fear of dog bites can be the trigger for dog culls.

Apart from helping stray animals the Dogstar Foundation is actively engaged in nurturing and providing education to underprivileged children. Yawajeewa Learning Centre in Negombo provides free daily education to 70 children who are unable to access mainstream schooling,  street children, children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, children of addicts and children with learning disabilities. 

Ways To Help The Foundation

When you donate to the Dogstar Foundation your money is used to feed hungry dogs, to treat ailments, educate owners, run spay neuter programs or provide Rabies vaccinations. Your gift of money helps a stray dog a better stay on this earth while it is alive. The Dogstar Foundation runs on the giving of generous people.

Sponsor A School Many children who attend the Yawajeewa Learning Centre come to school on an empty stomach. You can change this by sponsoring their meals. 

Sponsor A Spay Neuter Clinic The Dogstar Foundations mobile surgical truck provides a one-day spay neuter program for dogs and cats in Sri Lanka. 

Sponsor Barney The Dog Barney was a young puppy when Doghstar first happened upon him in 2010. He had a badly broken leg that required a 80km round trip for surgery , The young Monk who had walked 3km carrying Barney in his arms to our clinic offered him a home at his Temple and we offered to help support Barney and the other lucky dogs living there. By donating £4 a month you can help us fund Barney’s ongoing care , vaccinations , provide additional food and supplements for Barney and the other dogs that live at his Temple . 

Help raise funds buy purchasing items at their online shop.

Or if you don't know where you want your money used - just DONATE! Your money will be used where it is needed the most at the Dogstar Foundation. If donating is not enough, and you want to tag along with them, you can volunteer too, to help an orphaned stray cat or dog on the streets. Call the Dogstar Foundation today and make a difference in the life or an orphaned stray furball.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” - Karen Davison

(All information and photographs courtesy Dogstar Foundation's website and FB page)


80 B Poroutha Road, Beach Road, Etthukala, Negombo


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